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Bonfires (Bonfires, #1) by Amy Lane

PERFECTION! This one was truly a treat. I can't remember when or even if I've read a book like this one. It's not just the fact our two MCs are in the late 40s, but also the role of both their families and lets not forget the society around them. This book, for me, was in one word - Hope. Hope that THIS could happen, that even in the darkest times, when horrible things happen, there are truly wonderful amazing people who not only "do their job", they truly care, they make a difference and make a stand for what is right and for everyone who deserves happiness and forgiveness. 

This story is told from both Larx and Aaron's POV. They are both in their late 40s, have a demanding job - Larx is the Principal of the local High School and Aaron is the Sheriff’s Deputy but when the work is done they come home to their true commitment in life - their children. Aaron's wife died 10 years ago and even since then he have been raising their 3 children on his own. His two eldest daughters are already out the house in college so it's mostly now him and his little 17 years old son Kirby. Larx lost his wife and his daughters lost their mother when she chose bigotry over humanity. That's the short of that. But he have made the best he could the past 8 years. He moved to a small town, raised his two girls with everything he's got and he is so very proud of both of them. Now he mostly cares for Christina who is Kirby's age and also lives with him while his older daughter is in college. 

So that's life. It's complicated, but both men are content. Love isn't in the equation because their family is the most important thing for them and they won't risk it, even to finding happiness for themselves. Yet when Aaron sees Larx running down the road with no shirt, again and again, his first conscious thought is - It's dangerous! He might get run over! But let's be real here, he's just admiring his muscled back and wanting to have something, anything with the gorgeous Principal Larx. He actually makes the first move and suggest they run together in a more secure location and as they start running together things starts to change, little by little. They are both bi-sexual but while Aaron never acted upon his attraction to men, for Larx his attraction caused him a lot of pain, it's not something he wants to revisit if it's not truly worth it.. 

For both men, the connection isn't just about the sexual part though they are both extremely attracted to one another and they do share a few HOT sessions! It's actually about companionship, about having someone to lean on, someone in your corner. It's having another grownup by your side and not only being consumed with work and family duty but being able to relax a bit, let go and breath in and out. It was beautiful beyond words seeing these two together and how much their love changed them for the better. They aren't kids anymore, they know what they want, they know what makes a difference and not just for now, but for the future and as they find happiness with each other they realize making their relationship work, not only together, but with their children as well is the way to find the happiness they were missing in their lives. 

There's a lot that happens besides the romantic story. As Larx is the Principal of the High School we learn about two kids who also search for their HEA together only to be harmed. But that's not the only crime committed in the small town of Colton, and things are getting WAY out of hand when instead of condemning violence, the bigots of the town try to blame homosexuality for all of their problems. Aaron and his boss, Sheriff Eamon Mills, have A LOT on their plate with this one, but also Larx who tries to help the best he can without putting himself on the line considering he is "a part of the problem", being not only bi-sexual, but also dating the deputy.. 

I loved so many things in this book.. Even the teenagers though I'm usually less patient with them, in this one they were also an inspiration. The Sheriff Eamon Mills was a PLEASURE to read. I loved him to pieces. 

I don't know what books you have on your list, but you simply MUST made the time to read this book, it has everything one could ask for not only in a romance but in a hopeful future both in the family sense, as well as the society's. TRULY, A MUST READ.

Amy gifted us with a 2nd installment of Aaron and Larx so if you haven't had enough of them (naturally you haven't if you read this one or didn't!) - Crocus is next and also a GREAT read.

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30-31 Dec 2017

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