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The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh [Gabriel & Fancis] (Society of Gentlemen, #0.5) by K.J. Charles

WOW, hotness! All it takes is one afternoon between Gabriel Ashleigh and Francis Webster. There is so sort of animosity between Gabriel and Francis, it started with the rivalry between Gabriel obnoxious brother and Francis, years and years ago, but somehow Gabriel got in the mix when he was stupidly drunk, come to think about it, 5 years later he does no better when he gambles his life away and loses EVERYTHING. 

Francis offers to meet him the day after. Gabriel isn't sure what exactly for, and as they return to playing he is even more unsure of Francis's intentions yet when they become clear, they are both desperate for one another. 

Read through the "Another Place in Time" Anthology

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15 Sep 2015

Society of Gentlemen is a HIGHLY recommended Historical MM Romance series by K.J. Charles. It follows the Richardians' a group of high born (or rich) gay man in London of the early 1800s. Lord Richard Vane is their leader, he and his valet David Cyprian allows them to live their lives in relative ease but politics and scandals are never far away. There's a bit of politics (more in the first two novels) but mostly there are love stories that are the best match even if at first glance seem unlikely.

The first novella was published in an Anthology, it was a sexy read mostly and a nice add to the series. These ones MUST be read in order, the 1st and 2nd ones sharing most of the timeline and the third concluded the series perfectly - I keep close to my heart as one of the best books I've ever read. Richard and David are RIGHT THERE from the start, making everything possible but for them to be a couple on their own.. well.. I won't say more..

KJ gifted us with two free reads (both can be downloaded through her website). First is a deleted scene from the 2nd installment of a conversation between Slias and David. In the second we get to meet the guys again a year and a half after the end of the 3rd novel.  


0.5. The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh [& Francis Webster] (Published 27 October 2015*) ★
1. A Fashionable Indulgence [Harry Vane & Julius Norreys] (Published 11 August 2015) 
2. A Seditious Affair [Silas Mason & Dominic Frey] (Published 15 December 2015) ★½
[ 2.5 A Confidential Problem [Silas Mason & Dominic Frey] (Published 1 April 2016) ]
3. A Gentleman's Position [Lord Richard Vane & David Cyprian] (Published 5 April 2016) ★
[ 3.5 A Private Miscellany (Published 20 December 2016) ] 

* Originally published in the "Another Place in Time" Anthology (1 October 2014)

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