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Midnight Unleashed (Midnight Breed #14.7) [Trygg & Sia] by Lara Adrian

The "Midnight Breed" used to be my all times favorite PNR series though lately its place have been taken. Yet I still get excited when I hear there's a new novel in the series, even though it's just a short novella which doesn't feature most of the known characters in the series. These novellas are a nice way for people to try this series and see if it works for them, because it doesn't reveal too much and allows people who don't know any of things that happen in the 10+ books to enjoy a short novella and also be tempted to grab the first one and immerse themselves in the Midnight Breed world. 

We've already met both MCs in the previous installments. Tamisia "Sia" in "Defy the Dawn". She is an Atlantian and she is banished from the colony after her actions cost another Atlantian's life. She is struggling to make a home in the human world, now working in a women's shelter with another Atlantian who chose the life on the human world. Trygg was introduced to us in another novella -  "Midnight Unbound". He helped the two MCs there in a time of danger. He used to be a Hunter, raised and controlled by the crazy Dragos. He was set free when he was 14 years old only to find himself in another sort of enslavement. Once he realized that he escaped with a reminder to keep his trust close to him. Now he is working for the Order in Italy. 

Sia and Trygg are an unlikely couple. Trygg works best on his own and Sia though VERY capable is still clueless to the dangers that the Order are already well aware of - a man named Santino is manufacturing and distributing "Red Dragon", a drug that can make any Breed male into a killer. That's the mission Trygg is on when he stumbles upon Sia in the women's shelter. Sia's bravery speaks to Trygg yet he will not allow her to enter his world and use her charm to disarm his well laid walls. Sia is surprised with how she reacts to Trygg, they are kind of enemies by breed.. and yet she is drawn to him and she can't help herself. Though Trygg does find himself succumbing to her, he pushes her right away. When Sia offers to help the Order he finds himself working with her if he likes it or not and sooner or rather LATER he realizes he truly wants her by his side. 

This short novella felt a bit superficial to me. Trygg and Sia's attraction was somewhat OTT as it is with most of these PNR books which though I'm a bit weary of, I also accept as a part of the paranormal theme. Yet their love was too quick to my liking. Even if they WERE impressed with one another, it's takes more time for deeper feelings. The story about the drugs was a bit strange. I'm not sure what I think of it truth be told. It was a part of the story and yet it wasn't and it ended quite abruptly maybe to be revisited again in the next full length novel? 

I like this series, I enjoy the world Lara has build for us, and yet I feel I"m a bit tired of these short novellas. It's a nice glimpse and reminder of the series, but I enjoy FAR more the full length novels in which we get a FULL story with romance and action packed together as well as characters I've loved and missed from the previous books. 

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11  October 2017

One of the Hunters created by Dragos. Scarred on his cheek after he escaped another sort of enslavement once he was out of Drago's grasp. Joined the order in Italy. Is looking for Santino who is the man involved in the making and destitution of "Red Dragon" a drug that changes any Breed Male into a killer. On his mission he stumbled upon the Atlantian Sia who does more than just help him on his mission.  
Unique Ability: Manipulating Electronic devices. a


Tamisia "Sia" is an Atlantian. She was banished for the colony after she trusted the wrong man which resulted in a death she never expected or wish would happen. She is living in the human world now with another Atlantian who runs a shelter for human women. 
While she met Trygg in the Order when she just arrived from the company she is surprised to meet him again when a Breed man and a human attack one of the residents of the shelter. She manages on her own beautifully, yet there is much more to the interest these men had on the young girl they sought in the shelter. She is determined to help the investigation even if Trygg is reluctant. Together they find they can work well as a couple if only Trygg would give it a chance.  
Hair: Blue, Eyes: Blond
Unique Ability: Atlantean powers.
Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian is one of my absolute favorite Paranormal Romance Series. Like many of the series in this genre, we have a group of vampire warriors who are in charge of defending their race. 

The Order mainly protect the general population (vampire AND humans) from rouge vampires. Vampires whose crave for blood have reached a point of no return meaning they can no longer control themselves and since there is nothing to be done about this situation these rouges vampires have to be put down. Besides obvious risk to the human population, rouges / rabid vampires also are a treat in the sense that vampires live in secret groups (called Darkhavens) there they can live their separate lives without probing human eyes. Naturally they are a part of the general population but the way they live, in a sort of community, helps them maintain their traditions and way of living. 

In the recent years, the Order became infamous. There is no respect for the members of the Order and moreover they are treated like "barbarians", the vampire population doesn't believe that they are even needed but boy oh boy they are wrong.. dark days are ahead.. 

In the beginning, years and years ago, a group of highly strong vampires crushed on Earth. They are the base of the vampire population nowadays. As is seems there are no female vampires, only males. The females that can reproduce with vampires are called "breedmates" and they can be distinguished by a certain mark (crescent moon with a drop) that each breedmate has somewhere on her body. Each breedmate also has a special (inhuman) ability which she transfers to her vampire son. Thus every vampire has a special ability passed to him from his human mother. Breedmates need to drink blood in order to enhance their special ability and sometimes so they can control it and it won't take over her life.  It takes time until the ancestry of the breedmates is explained, it adds another layer to the story and brings the Order with another adversary they weren't expecting. 

Each book has it's separate story in which each warrior finds himself a breedmate / compatible mate. As you can guess, the Order isn't notorious for no reason.. most of the warriors are somehow "damaged", preferring to live a life in the Order rather than build a life of their own. Finding their mate makes them deal with their past and free themselves from its bindings. Beside the personal plot line there is also a bigger plot line about the main villain progressing from the first book until the 10th. From the 11th book (till the final 18th installment) there is a very significant change following a progression in 20 years changing the whole setting of the series with different villains as well as introducing new characters to the series - some the sons and daughters from the first 10 installments and of course we get to meet the older version of the parents as well. 

The main issue I had with the series in the beginning was the similarities between it and the general setting of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. It only feels this way at the first, it takes a TOTALLY different direction plot-wise and character-wise which after reading enough of the two series I gotta say I MUCH prefer this one (I actually abandoned that one a while back..). 


When the whiffs of the end of this beloved series started to get suffocating Lara announced a Spin-Off called "Hunter Legacy". The series will consist of stand-alone novels of the "Last Boys" - the Gen One Hunters who were bred as weapons of war by Dragos and were freed by The Order round the middle of the series. 

0.5 A Touch of Midnight [Gideon & Savannah] (published 15 July 2013) ★★★★★
1. Kiss of Midnight [Lucan & Gabrielle] (published 1 May 2007) ★★★★
2. Kiss of Crimson [Dante & Tess] (published 29 May 2007) ★★★★★
3. Midnight Awakening [Tegan & Elise] (published 27 November 2007) ★★★★★
4. Midnight Rising [Rio & Dylan] (published 25 March 2008) ★★★★★
5. Veil of Midnight [Niko & Renata] (published 30 December 2008) ★★★★ 
6. Ashes of Midnight [Andreas Reichen & Claire] (published 26 May 2009) ★★★★★

7. Shades of Midnight [Cade & Alex] (published 29 December 2009) ★★★★  
8. Taken By Midnight [Brock & Jenna] (published 28 September 2010) ★★★★★
9. Deeper than Midnight [Hunter & Corrine] (published 28 June 2011) ★★★★★
9.5 A Taste of Midnight [Danika & Malcolm] (published 5 December 2011) ★★★★★
10. Darker after Midnight [Chase & Tavia] (published 24 January 2012) ★★★½ 
 --- The Midnight Breed Series Companion (Volume #1) (published 26 June 2013) ★★★★★

11. Edge of Dawn [Mira & Kellan] (published 21 February 2013) ★★★★★
11.5. Marked By Midnight [Mathias Rowan & Nova] (published 30 June 2014) ★★★★

12. Crave the Night [Nathan & Jordana] (published 5 August 2014) ★★★★★
12.5. Tempted by Midnight [Lazaro & Melena] (1001 Dark Nights #10) (published 14 October 2014) ★★★★★
13. Bound to Darkness [Carys & Rune] (published 30 July 2015) ★★★★
13.5 Stroke of Midnight [Jehan & Seraphina] (1001 Dark Nights #26) (published 13 October 2015) ★★★★★
14. Defy the Dawn [Zael & Brynne(published 1 June 2016) ★★★★★

14.5 Midnight Untamed [Ettore & Bella] (1001 Dark Nights #47) (published 11 October 2016) ★★★★
14.6 Midnight Unbound [Scythe & Chiara]
 (published 14 March 2017) ★★★★½
14.7 Midnight Unleashed [Trygg & Tamisia] (1001 Dark Nights #69) (published 10 October 2017) ★★★½ 
15. Claimed in Shadows [Aric Chase & Kaya Laurent] (published 23 January 2018) ★★★ 
16. Break the Day [Xander Raphael "Rafe" Malebranche & Devony Winters] (published 30 July 2019) ★★★★½ 
17. Fall of Night [Micah & Phaedra] (published 31 January 2021)) ★★★★½
18. King of Midnight [Darion Thorne & Selene the Atlantean Queen] (to be Published 30 September 2021)

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