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A Seditious Affair (Society of Gentlemen #2) [Dom & Silas] by K.J. Charles

I gotta say this one was not what I expected it to be, or rather, I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would considering two things that mostly put me off - BDSM and politics. Unlike the previous one we were thrown right into the game, maybe because we've already known all of the characters and the interaction between them so we could start with where it all began with Dom and Silas sharing a bed as a brute and a Tori. Not realizing just yet that they are sworn enemies, or at least they're suppose to be.

This book shouldn't be read as a standalone, it would be too confusing with everything that happened in the previous one, not to mention on at least the first third of the book if not more the timeline is the same. So we already know Dominic Frey who works for the "Home Office" on affairs of treason, as well as Silas Mason who is the guy who took Harry Vane when he returned to England after his parents' escape. He is a known radical but the Home Office just suspects him of being one of the most influential radical news writers. Harry has known all that, but to him, Silas was and always will be a decent guy who took care of him in time of need and even after stayed his close friend. 

Dominic Frey had been Richard Vane's lover since they were teens, yet when Dom asks Richard to meet his "dark" needs in bed Richard turns him down with a disgusted frown. It changes their relationship forever and even though more than 10 years have past they still keep each other at a very close yet too far relationship. They love each other but they know they can never please each other or put aside what Dom asked all those years ago. Richard won't harm his best friend and lover. Not even when asked. It's not in him to cause harm. Yet Dom's desperation makes Richard worry and so he turns to his loyal servant David Cyprian for help.. he doesn't even realize what he put into motion.. 

Dom and Silas find what they need in one another. They meet in the same house at Wednesdays. It's their time together. They have sex but they also talk and though they never share anything truly personal - not even their names - they grow closer together. It's been a full year before either of them realize who the other person is. On a raid on Silas' bookstore, Dom finds himself face to face with his love - accused of high treason. We have already heard of that in the first installment, not really knowing what happened next between the two, only witnessing the black and blue eye Dom was sporting after he tried talking to Silas about what happened from his end. 

Yet even with Silas' anger and with Dom's feelings of uncertainty and mostly fear for themselves and one another, they can't give each other up, and as the plot thickens and the noose wraps closer around their necks they find a tenderness they didn't expect to find towards one another. Silas is the only man who makes Dom think or rather re-think his ideas and ideals, who makes him read books he would never have read or enjoyed. For Silas, Dom is the only man who truly cares for him, who gives him a kind of solace he didn't even know he wanted. He can talk to him, though he knows he is a gentleman of matters as they are equal, Doc never looking down at him because of his low birth. It's all he actually wants, for the people to be able to speak and be heard, to have their voice and not be silenced by aristocracy. Which is why Silas would never ask Dom's help, and Dom would never ask Silas to stop being a radical. They respect each other too much. 

Lucky for me, after reading the previous one dealing with the politics was much easier. I was still impatient with it, but mostly because I wanted to get more of Dom and Silas not because I had any problem with it. Id didn't really hold the story, not a lot at any case. 

Also I must have gotten used to the language. I didn't mind it that much like the in the first one :) 

I'll admit I don't usually have patience for BDSM. I read it on occasion, but it has to have a certain "point" for me to accept it. It can't be just about the sex - I need a story, a solid one, and this book delivered! Yeah Dom surrendered himself to Silas' will when they were having sex, but besides that they were equals and it was beautiful to read. They had so much respect and tenderness towards the other (before the words of love were spoken), I could totally see it as "just a kink" they both wanted and enjoyed and not the theme of the story. Dom has been ashamed of who he is because of what he wanted from his partner and it was beautiful to see, that being with Silas just made him so much stronger when he learnt to accept it and Silas' love and tenderness as well. 

In the end it's up to all the Richardians to save the day when all hell breaks lose and Silas is finally imprisoned. I LOVED seeing each of them play their part, not only in the "finale" but also throughout the book. I can't wait to get to Richard's book, there are enough hints to who his lover is going to be, and that without picking in the synopsis and realizing who it is ;)   

I"m loving this series! It's so different from my usual read which I find totally refreshing!

A Confidential Problem: This is a scene is a free read through KJ's website. It takes place between Chapter 15 and 16 where David Cyprian has a long conversation with Silas Mason and plants a few seeds about being patient with Dominic. I LOVE David. Silas can be stubborn but it's difficult to get out of a conversation with a mastermind like David without at least food for thought. As well as a hind to David's own struggle (which we get in detail in the next installment). 

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12 October 2017

Society of Gentlemen is a HIGHLY recommended Historical MM Romance series by K.J. Charles. It follows the Richardians' a group of high born (or rich) gay man in London of the early 1800s. Lord Richard Vane is their leader, he and his valet David Cyprian allows them to live their lives in relative ease but politics and scandals are never far away. There's a bit of politics (more in the first two novels) but mostly there are love stories that are the best match even if at first glance seem unlikely.

The first novella was published in an Anthology, it was a sexy read mostly and a nice add to the series. These ones MUST be read in order, the 1st and 2nd ones sharing most of the timeline and the third concluded the series perfectly - I keep close to my heart as one of the best books I've ever read. Richard and David are RIGHT THERE from the start, making everything possible but for them to be a couple on their own.. well.. I won't say more..

KJ gifted us with two free reads (both can be downloaded through her website). First is a deleted scene from the 2nd installment of a conversation between Slias and David. In the second we get to meet the guys again a year and a half after the end of the 3rd novel.  


0.5. The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh [& Francis Webster] (Published 27 October 2015*) ★
1. A Fashionable Indulgence [Harry Vane & Julius Norreys] (Published 11 August 2015) 
2. A Seditious Affair [Silas Mason & Dominic Frey] (Published 15 December 2015) ★½
[ 2.5 A Confidential Problem [Silas Mason & Dominic Frey] (Published 1 April 2016) ]
3. A Gentleman's Position [Lord Richard Vane & David Cyprian] (Published 5 April 2016) ★
[ 3.5 A Private Miscellany (Published 20 December 2016) ] 

* Originally published in the "Another Place in Time" Anthology (1 October 2014)

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