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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Late in the Day (The Vault #2) [Darius & Efrem] by Mary Calmes

Like the previous book in the series, this one felt a bit short for a full length novel. I would have LOVED for a more substantial re-connection between the two MCs. This book was engaging with a great pace, and yet it was mostly about Darius' current position as "The Vault" and a lot of recollection of Darius and Efrem's live together when they were a couple 16 years ago when they were both serving in the army together. 

This book connects so many dots it was very hard to keep up. There's a lot of characters from the previous one - "A Day Makes", but also characters from other books by Mary. It was strange realizing Darius' friend Trevan and his husband Landry are the same couple from "Mine" which was the first book I've read by Mary! But though it was really cool, the amount of "name dropping" for someone like me who is horrible with names was a bit confusing. I'm also not sure if I was suppose actually KNOW all of them and if I am, from where! 

Mary goes into a lot of details about The Vault's position, it's actually a really cool idea and though it's quite difficult it's also intriguing! I hope we'll explore more of what it means in the next ones in the series. Though I wish for the same thing again - for a lengthier novel. I just need MORE to feel I've got a whole romantic story because with the suspense part there wasn't really time for them to re-build something it was just trusting us we'll accept them as a couple out of everything they HAVE been to one another. For me it was a little bit too much to ask after so many years. Also I wish I've gotten a little bit more about Efrem and who he is and not just from Darius' memories (as our sole POV). 

Darius and Efrem were already planning their HEA when their breakup occurred. It was sort of "forced", they both did what they felt was right but Darius' decision changed the whole direction they were going. He did what he believed was best and now, 16 years later seeing Efrem in front of his eyes, it's obvious to him he is still the love of his life. Efrem is shocked as well. He never stopped searching or believing but seeing him in front of him changed everything. Darius knew he could see Efrem anytime he wanted, but he would have never done that to him when he knows his (previous) occupation would put his life at risk. But now things are different aren't they?

It was a nice fast pace novel. The suspense side, and the buildup of the whole idea was very interesting and engaging. I liked both Darius and Efrem though I was a bit confused of how Darius was able to be so open to everyone around him about his secret (!) position. I guess it's a rounded up 4 stars review because I just needed more than it actually was though everything that we DID get was great (even if rushed at the end relationship wise..). 

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