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Monday, July 31, 2017

Just Desserts by Mary Calmes

Though this was quite short it almost felt like a full length novel. I enjoyed the romantic build up, in a way it was slow and fast all at the same time. Boone and Scott have been best friends for two years now, but though they share their lives almost like a couple they both keep it totally platonic.  Boone, as our sole POV, is just realizing he wants to give them a shot as a couple, but he is terrified to lose Scott if they either don't want the same thing or they don't work out, not to mention, Scott has JUST started dating a doctor, so does he even have a chance to express his feelings? That's all up for the special dessert Scott has in mind..

Boone Walton had a very complicated life to say the least. Now he is finally in a comfortable place, doing what he loves, being successful, and having people around him who care for him, especially his best friend Scott Wren. He would do right about anything for Scott, anything BUT admit his true feelings for him. Scott means too much to do anything that might jeopardize their relationship. I loved seeing these two together. It's obvious with every page that they are practically bonded to one another even though that's NOT a Paranormal aspect this book has.. What it DOES have is a friendly ghost (well, towards Boone at least..) and a magical cookbook which enables these two to give each other a shot when they would have probably missed otherwise. 

Once they GOT together it went smooth sailing which actually made total sense. But there was something else Boone had to deal with before - his past. His very sad and unfortunate past. The people he had to leave behind. I didn't see it coming, not how it played - I was glad for it. It gave a beautiful closure to the story. 

See, though it was short, we got to see best friends become lovers and also an opportunity for Boone to make peace with his past and actually share it with his love. Scoot knew Boone already - inside-out - it was just the small details missing. 

A very sweet and endearing story. I read another one of those from the "Tales of the Curious Cookbook" ("Food For Thought" By Amy Lane) and enjoyed it. It's an interesting idea for an anthology really. 

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31 July 2017

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