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Monday, July 31, 2017

Control by Mary Calmes & Cardeno C.

I'm sorry but this book isn't working for me and I don't wish to continue on. I usually give books a greater chance (than 15%..) before I decide to DNF them, but I don't like one of the MC, his whole behavior makes his interaction with everyone quite tedious. 

Vytautas "Vy" Alenknos is an alpha male and a pack leader, (of Hawk shifters) doesn't matter that he isn't a huge guy.. that's who he is. When finally meeting his mate (and being thrown by the fact it's a guy - he thought that would be impossible..) he is no other than a BEAR shifter.

Robert Kenneth Cimino is in fact a Bear shifter but he doesn't shift. I still don't know why, but it means he is less "connected" to his animalistic side, which is why he doesn't realize what Vy does - that they are to be bonded mates. It's no hardship knowing there is a HUGE attraction but he mostly doesn't understand why he can't seem to walk away from the guy. Robert, even being a bear is a gentle kind of a guy. I really liked him. Sounds sweet and endearing, a genuinely nice person.  

So while I really liked Robert, I couldn't stand Vy. He is SO DAMN FULL OF HIMSELF, I couldn't continue. EVERY thing Robert says to him is interpreted in the same manner - does he, or does he not consider me the alpha that I am. If the perceived answer is no - mini tantrum. Really? that's NOT how an alpha behaves in "my book". You are either "it" or you're not. Vy is driven by his insecurities, and the notion he own everybody because of who he is - I didn't like that AT ALL. Not to mention Robert never actually behaved "badly" towards him. He was the one being disrespectful or expecting him to "submit" at every turn. YUCK! 

So yeah, that's it for me with this book. If you're into shifters, have no problems with overly alpha characters (which I DO!) give this one a go. I've read a shifter series by Cardeno I really enjoyed and Mary is a real favorite of mine so I know it's not about the book, it's about me and this "sub-genre" not mixing. 


DNF 15%
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30 July 2017

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