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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ice Around the Edges by Mary Calmes

While the idea behind this short novella was nice, the banter between the two characters made me feel a bit disconnected. It's a sort of a (HUGE) misunderstanding that let these two break up 10 years ago. Now Dixon is back in Evan life after he heard he got shot. He hurries back to his side not accepting ANY no for an answer for them getting back, first of, spending the holidays together. 

For me the story lacked substance, and yeah, I know it's a very short novella. Yet I've read others that left me with a better taste of who the MC are. Basically what made them broke up was Dixon's fear that his "old money" family won't accept his partner or the fact he is gay and so he breaks up with Evan when they finish college never to return again. But now 10 years later he realizes Evan is THE ONE, and he will make Evan see it when he comes back into his life trying to be there for him and care for him. 

The main thing in this novella is them arguing. Evan pushing Dixon away, Dixon fighting back. I was lost in this banter. I can see that they belonged together but I think this kind of hurt doesn't just disappear in a day or two. 10 Years is a lot of time and I needed for THIS kind of plot line to have a little bit more so I could see these two guys together (not to mention they live far from each other). 

I liked the idea behind this novella and the characters were sweet and endearing. The contrasts between the two, and yet the similarities made them perfect for one another, but I wish I could have seen MORE to truly feel it. I usually love Mary's novels so I don't really know what happened in this one.. 

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