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Blue Murder (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #2) by Emma Jameson

Though this is not my go-to genre, it's so fun and witty, the interaction between the characters and the pace of the crime solving I find that I don't mind that the romance if any is moved WAY back stage. I simply enjoyed this one as it is and can't wait to continue on with the series. I loved that this one we didn't get just Tony and Kate's POV but also Bhar's - I liked him in the previous one, so seeing inside his head was great! I had a better time with the crime in this one, though I was FAR from the mark on who actually did it (and why). If you're into British witty mystery novels you gotta give this series a go! Though beware you need to be a little informed on the slang.. the first one was a bit difficult for me to read because of that (but you don't see me complaining now ;)).

We start the book a short while after the previous one ended. Kate is back on duty, arriving at the scene of the crime where Tony and Bhar has just arrived. Two college kids were murdered gruesomely at a Halloween party. Having A LOT of wealthy drunk and drugged 20 something to interview or even keep in line is as fun as it sounds.. But no one said the killer HAS to be one of the party goers.. after all, the man living next door is someone who got away with triple murder five years ago.. Bhar is still rattled at what happened back then and so deep down he isn't sure if he's up for the job, but Tony doesn't leave him any chance about it. He believes in him even if he thought he acted foolishly back then. As Kate says it - we're human. That's just who and how it is. It was also a nice way to get to know Bhar a little better, not just his history, but his current living situation with his mother and between the lines how much he cares and values Tony and also getting closer to Kate (It was also interesting seeing how "the guys" see her through his eyes, and though Kate doesn't see it, I could). 

A high profile killing means at least one occasion for Tony and Kate to dress up and arrive at a party. Kate half tries half doesn't to fit it, I mean I'm not sure if she WANTS to fit in even if she does what it takes to LOOK the part. That's also her problem with Tony and why he gets ANOTHER refusal from her. Poor guy. She just can't see herself as the title recommends - Lady Hetheridge. We get more about her personal life which shows how difficult she had to work to build the life she is living now with her older brother and nephew. It also makes sense considering what Bhar says about her. 

This book was engaging, fun to read even if we DO get a gruesome double murder. Don't expect much on the romantic side even if things DO develop between Tony and Kate. It's mostly suggestive in the sexual department (which totally worked for me considering it was never the main focus). The last paragraph of the book promises more of Tony and Kate naturally but also of Bhar and another interesting character I want to know more about. Can't wait! :)

My only complaint about this book is going to sound as silly as it actually is. WHO was that IRRESPONSIBLE  person who wrote the page count in this series on GR??? I can strangle him/er. It was TOTALLY wrong on both this one as well as the 1st and 3rd installments leading me to not be able to stick to my previous planned reading of the month. Okay, okay, I admit, I was having time with it anyhow.. Time slipped through my hands this month. Don't worry though, I contacted the devoted librarians to fix the whole thing. If there is something I CAN'T handle is disorder in these kind of things. It's a wonder I'm not a librarian myself.. (in real life or on GR) hehe

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25-30 June 2017

Lord and Lady Hetheridge is a Mystery / Romantic Suspense (MF) series by Emma Jameson (who also writes as T. Baggins / S.A. Reid). The series follows Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield and Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard Anthony (Tony) Hetheridge, the 9th Baron of Wellegrave. They couldn't be more surprised with how much they fit together as partners but that's not the only thing out there for them, you'll just need to be patient with them to get there on their own time. The romance is a very small part of the story. It's mostly about the mystery - Blue Blood murders. Detective Sergeant Deepal "Paul" Bahr was Tony's previous (singular) partner, now joined with Kate they form a great team. I love that we get his POV as well - he is HILARIOUS. 

Though this is a mystery series there is still a significant part about Tony and Kate's lives (mostly Kate's family). I really like the feel of this series. It's not JUST mystery as this isn't my "go to" genre, it's not really romance but it's laced with a wonderful couple and I really enjoy their interaction and the progression of their relationship (as a couple but also as "partners" in the police force and later on outside of it as well). Both Kate and Tony in a way stay the same while changing quite a bit - together and on their own. The family and friends add to make it more relatable, especially with each installments getting to see where each one of them are.  

Trying to say this series has it all!

1. Ice Blue (Published 3 March 2011) ½
2. Blue Murder (Published 24 June 2012) 
3. Something Blue (Published 22 May 2012) 
4. Black & Blue (Published 11 May 2015) 
5. Blue Blooded (Published 25 February 2018) ½
6. Blue Christmas (Published 24 December 2019) ½ 

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