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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Director and Don Juan (The Story Sisters #2) [Alice & Carlos] by Katy Regnery

This book was one of my absolute favorites in the series. Funny enough with each book I read I feel the same - they are just getting BETTER AND BETTER. I loved the whole idea behind this one, the "reversed roles" and the way it wasn't in all aspects. I loved the fact they are different and yet they fit perfectly together. They are both gorgeous, and I don't just mean physically - they are these two amazing people, each in her/his own right and they deserved to get the best HEA possible. 

This book was quite short but because Carlos and Alice have been working VERY closely for the past few years, the pace seems just right. Carlos was more in-tuned with himself, realizing that he craves his boss, even if she would never look his way. They live in worlds apart not to mention Alice is too strict to allow an "office romance". Alice knows that Carlos is the only man she ever trusted, she more than just enjoys his company and help around the office, he is invaluable to her. She NEEDS him and even though she knows he should have been promoted she is struggling with herself to let him go. But she won't allow herself to admit she wants more and she sees more in him than she even saw in anyone before. 

Alice Story is in the best place she could wish for, opening her own import/export beverages company after leaving her father's company wasn't easy, but with Carlos Vega by her side (the only employee of her father's who came to work with her) and a little help from her sister and her husband two years ago, she has a profiting company. It's time to think about finding a man. She isn't thrilled about it.. Finding someone she could trust, or won't be interested in her for the wrong reasons or expect her to change and be less of a career woman is going to be hard.. But she needs to make it a priority if she wants kids.. and she does.. sooner rather than later. She is already in her 30s, it's time.

Carlos Vega, coming from a puerto rican background also wants something different than he has, all those one-night-stands are starting to get old, and yet, how can he look for someone special when his heart is already taken by his beautiful, successful, good hearted boss - Alice. He has been there for her from the start, he trusted her and this change turned out to be the best he made in his life. Yet what he truly wants he can't have.. or can he?

A business opportunity in Carlos' home ground brings a chance for them to spend a whole week together, this is the time for Carlos to make him move. But he needs to be more than just "persuasive" because though Alice wants him, she has a long list of misgivings about them being together. But Carlos now knows that she wants him too and he is willing to fight for what he wants. 

There's more to the story, with a handsome millionaire who has a very interesting offer to Alice, both personally and financially but I'll leave you to find all about it yourselves. I enjoyed the way things played and also how Alice and Carlos dealt with the whole ordeal, by themselves and together. 

What I loved most about this book was the special interaction between Alice and Carlos. They come from a very different background, they have similar yet so very different motivation in life and business, yet they want the same things in the end. While Alice was extremely careeristic, Carlos mostly got to where he wants and he doesn't need to rush to capture unseen goals. He loves what he does, he enjoys taking care of Alice (and the company), he wants to build a family, and he is willing to spare the time for all of that. Alice is VERY work oriented yet even she realizes things needs to change even a little so she could build the family she wants. Yet she won't give up her passions and position she worked hard to achieve. I really respected her for that. But I REALLY respected Carlos for throwing away so many traditional roles he grew up on to be on Alice's side. To be her second in a way. Yet it wasn't Alice leading the way in the romantic department, that was ALL Carlos. She wanted him, she craved him, and yet he was the one who made them work, he was the more dominant in this aspect which balanced them out beautifully. Also I loved that both were very gentle in their "leadership". Alice is a strict boss but a very fair one, who sees everyone around her and though Carlos "pushed" Alice a little to make her see they are right together, he was, too, very sweet and endearing even while bossing her around :) In so many books these days this book would have turned into a BDSM novel and I'm SO HAPPY this book isn't that AT ALL. Carlos and Alice KNOW what they want, they have parts in their lives they are the natural leaders but there is much more to them than just that.     

I HIGHLY recommend this one, it was simply a JOY to read. It's a part of a series, yes, a very long one but it can totally read as a stand alone. I think it's best to read "The Bohemian and the Businessman" to understand the family interaction better, but I'm mostly saying that because I LOVED that book as well :)

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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