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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On The Ropes Series Box Set (On the Ropes #1-3) by Aly Martinez

I know.. I just posted my last review of the third book in the series.. but since I bought the three of them in this book-set, I decided to make a sort of round-up of my thoughts. 

I'll start by saying I LOVED this series and I seriously have to look up more books by Aly. The first and third books were AMAZING. Filled with New Adult angst at its best. I was hooked and I couldn't and didn't want to put them down. All three siblings are connected through their love of boxing and the free program offered by the new boxing gym "On the Ropes" changed their lives forever. Every book deals with a serious issue one of the brothers were going through and since they have 5-6 years apart, we get to see all of them grow up and mature, make families, continued on with their lives, take care of one another and make each other happy they best they knew how.  

The Page brothers grew up in a horrible home with an addict of a mother and a father who couldn't stay out of trouble (and so was in jail most of their lives). In "Fighting Silence" Till Page, the oldest, the one who starts this series had to literally raise his siblings when he was barely an adult himself, but Flint and Quarry were never a chore for him, they were his happiness, together with Eliza Reynolds his true love since an early age. 
The series continues in "Fighting Shadows" with Flint Page, the middle brother dealing with a heart ache of himself, while doing the right thing his life as he knew it shattered and now he doesn't know how to mend the pieces which is how Ash Mabie gets into the picture with her broad smile and unapologetic teasing. 
The final novel "Fighting Solitude" of Quarry Page reminds us at times of Till's story with two things in common, first being they both become deaf throughout the book (suffering from a genetic disorder) and the second fighting for the women they loved and cherished from an early age and yet there the similarity ends with each having a totally different situation both in life and in general the main issue the book is about. Liv James was always Quarry's soul mate, but a lot has to happen before they can find each other at last.

Till and Quarry's book were perfection I LOVED THEM SO MUCH! Yet Flint's book was a miss for me. I found out I didn't like the guy he turned out into and I didn't really connect with Ash though she did marvels for him and helped him get better. I actually went through more than 200 (!) reviews on GR to see if anyone had the issues I did with Flint and funny enough no one had.. I just totally dislike over-Alpha-high handed-controlling jerks but I seem to be in a minority so keep my review with a grain of salt. You'll probably enjoyed it and appreciate it much more than I did. 

I HIGHLY recommend these books, they are simply great! Though there is a lot of angst, and it's heartbreaking, it also never felt OTT, it only made me want to see the HEA sooner rather than later. I loved seeing the recurring characters in each of the books. They all did a beautiful job of making this big happy family even if blood wasn't the common grounds - Boxing was. I'm going to miss these guys for sure. 

1. Fighting Silence [Till Page & Eliza Reynolds] (Published 23 February 2015) 
2. Fighting Shadows [Flint Page & Ash Mabie] (Published 7 July 2015) 
3. Fighting Solitude [Quarry Page & Liv James(Published 2 February 2016) 

This book-set containing all three novels was published on the 15th of July 2016.

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