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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bewitched by Bella's Brother by Amy Lane

A sweet sensitive story, really enjoyed it. I"m saying sensitive I'm NOT saying over emotional or angsty which was great. The two MC have their issues to solve, on their own and together and yet, most of it was done very logically in accordance to the way the relationships between all the characters evolved. It was simply heart warming seeing everything come together.  

Sebastian and Bella are best friends, not only that, Sebastian already feels a part of Bella's family. They have been studying in college together for the past 5 years, now planning on doing a second doctorate. For both of them college and studying is a way of not committing to being a grown-up. It's not that they are immature, it's what being in college allows them - being free of responsibilities, even toward themselves. 

Next year Bella and Sebastian plan on moving to another state for their next step which means leaving Bella's family behind. It's difficult for her but she is willing to do it for her own reasons of wanting to stay in college as well as be there for Sebastian. But before they leave they have the summer to spend with Bella's brother - Asa - who recently came back to living closer to the family (which is why Sebastian haven't met him before). Asa is recently divorced. Bella doesn't know the details but she does know that Jordan (their son) lives solely with her brother. 

There are 3 people living now in Asa's house - each dealing with his / her own mess. 
Sebastian with not wanting to commit to "adulthood" mostly because of his parent's expectations and also struggling with his feelings toward Asa because he feels there is no future for them.
Bella feeling somehow inadequate and ashamed of her past (which also put her and Asa at odds but not because they did anything harmful to one another). 
Asa dealing with his growing attraction to Sebastian and the mess his ex-wife left behind which makes him question asking Sebastian to stay (though it's all he wants). How can he ask him to stay when he knows how badly he dealt with the issues his wife had? 
Jordan misses his mom and wants to keep having Bella and Sebastian around (though he knows they will be going away once the summer is over). 

The story is told solely from Sebastian's POV and yet we got everything we needed through him (also was very helpful he did a bit of eavesdropping / pretending to be asleep ;)). I loved everyone in this story, even Asa's wife wasn't truly an "evil bitch", she was dealing with her own difficulties and could be somehow understood. But the beautiful thing was how much everyone in this story cared for one another. Bella truly sees Sebastian as another brother, and Asa soon sees in Sebastian someone he wants on his side, even if he have never been with a man before (he knew he was Bi for years but didn't much experiment). Sebastian might be awkward at the beginning but I saw how much appealing Asa found it (I thought it was endearing as well :)). Also there is something so sweet and loving about who Sebastian is, how he is with everyone in Bella's family and how much they care for him as well. Bella and Sebastian spent a lot of time with Jordan while Asa was at work so somehow all four of them made a special connection through this summer that was impossible for Sebastian and Bella to put aside and simply move on to the next doctorate. They both had decisions to make. 

Though this was a short story it felt "full". I loved Bella and Sebastian's friendship and loved seeing Asa and Sebastian growing closer and closer to one another until it was obvious they HAVE to find a way to make things work. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I LOVE Amy's books. Each one leaves me with more heart warming memories. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 147 pages, 16-17 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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