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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane

It started out funny and intriguing, yet sadly I didn't really connect with Dawson, our sole POV. I wish we could have gotten Jared's POV it might have changed the whole way I saw the book. It was an okay read, it was VERY angsty and too sappy for my liking but the story, the love story and how it progressed was very sweet. 

Jared is a famous dancer coming for 4 days to preform in the theater Dawson works in. They couldn't be more different, Dawson lived a sheltered life with great friends and a loving father, Jared have been alone for most of his life, dancing being his only solace. It didn't take long for Dawson to see the guy behind the masks, the real Jared and fall for him and it was even easier for Jared to fall for the sweet, loving and caring Dawson who can give him everything he craved for and never dared to even wish - a family, someone who cares about him, willing to protect him and be there for him no matter what. Yet since they live 400 miles apart they have to settle for mostly being connected through sms, calls, emails and every few weeks Jared would come to visit and stay with him and Benji his best friend and "brother", though their house started to fill up with two girls who also became close to Jared and together they formed a real family, Dawson's father and Benji's mother included. 

Dawson is 20 years old, sweet and sensitive. Though he didn't exactly have a perfect life, he is VERY naive, which makes it even harder for him to accept the horrible situations Jared found himself in. They have many conversations in which Dawson would ask Jared to open up, I"m not sure why but I didn't like those, Dawson was asking A LOT from Jared, and sometimes to read his mind concerning which part he wants Jared to reveal. I didn't like how sappy those conversations were. There was something almost childish about him which didn't work for me. Jared was a man, yeah he was broken but he still behaved like one (he IS 6 years older than Dawson) but Dawson kept telling VERY private things about Jared to his friends, and he said too many times how lonely, alone, broken Jared is. I know it was him wanting MORE for the man he loves but I didn't like the way their relationship "bled" into the side characters in the book. 

Everything about Jared and Dawson was also MAJOR angsty. It was because Jared wasn't ready for Dawson and what he was offering and because his life as a dance was ALWAYS managed badly. At times, and mostly in the very end, it was too much for me, I was waiting for SOMETHING to happen but we were centered around Dawson's feelings and I just kept waiting for any sort of "action" to be made. 

An okay read, I expected much more because it started out in a totally different tone and because it's Amy and I enjoy SO MANY of her books.   

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 266 pages, 18-20 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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