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Friday, January 15, 2016

Breaking Up with Barrett (Blueberry Lane 1 - The English Brothers #1) [Barrett & Emily] by Katy Regnery

I really enjoyed this sweet short romance between Barrett English and Emily Edwards. Barrett and Emily have known each other their whole life, which made the relationship buildup quicker in pace. In a way, I thought there wasn't enough "conflicts" between the two, only one at the end which resolved very quickly. It was more them finding how much they feel about each other and accepting one another as their lover even though they come from totally different worlds. 

I loved both Emily and Barrett, I think Emily is exactly what the strict, all business Barrett needs, and Emily on the other hand, needs exactly the kind of man like Barrett who can make her see herself and be more confident though I gotta say, mostly what Emily lacks is money (which Barrett has A LOT of..). She is very accomplished, especially considering her parents are very simply parents being "the help" to Barrett's family, yet she went off to college, she is doing well, supporting herself living on her own (with a roommate) even if she has her financial difficulties. Yeah she never found the time for a relationship before Barrett, but I guess the fact she was basically in love with him her whole life made it hard for her to give any man a real chance. With Barrett it was somehow the same, yeah he dated, but as it seems every woman was compared to Emily and none reached the bar. He didn't even realize just how much Emily impacted him, maybe because he is so focused on his work, and very little on his social life, or his love life. He might seem reserved at first, but as we get his POV it's clear that he craves Emily's company, even if what he gets is not that much and is mostly fake..

Which brings me to the actual plot.. Barrett "hires" Emily to be his fake fiancee, explaining to her he needs to be seen as more "mature" in his business. Since Emily known him her whole life, he can trust her in this matter. Emily, needing the money, agrees. She wanted Barrett for so long, getting to be in his company this way means much more than a mere "job", which is exactly what frightens her.. this arrangement might be disastrous to her as her feelings for him only increases (while she isn't sure how Barrett sees the whole thing..).

Barrett was so DAMN sweet. The way he saw Emily, how he remembered her as she grew up, from a mere infant to a beautiful young woman. She captivated him from first glance and then he was somehow there the whole time as she was growing up, never actually being available to him and when she finally IS, he does what he is best known for - he manipulates her into being with him so he can have her company. Another man would have asked her out, or tried a different matter to get her attention yet Barrett is known as "The Shark" for a reason. Lucky for him, Emily also known him her whole life which means she is almost immune to a behavior not many women would accept, and also she is the ONLY woman who can touch his heart and bring the best of him out. 

In one word - SWEETNESS! 

Looking forward to the next one in the series! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 174 pages, 11-14 January 2016 / On GoodReads

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