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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bold (Blue Boy #3) [Kai & Matthew] by Garrett Leigh

I'm not even sure why, this one was different from the previous two installments, it was more about the romance and way (!) more emotional. There was a huge part of us getting to know the new managers of "Blue Boy" who are really awesome! (and also sweet :)) and another part about Kai getting his GED. As with the previous one, we got quite a lot of glimpses into Cam and Sonny as well as a little bit of Levi. Sonny and Levi are still at odds which put me off, I wanted to KNOW what's going on and I was left with none.

Bones (Blue Boy #2) [Cam & Sasha] by Garrett Leigh

Okay.. this was ANOTHER surprise. I was already expecting to love this one even though I was skeptical about the first mostly because of the location - a Porn Studio (?) sounds like the best place to lose a plot line ;) and yet, I loved it, then when I started reading this one and was introduced (again) to Cam in a BDSM sex scene that made no sense?! I had to re-read a few paragraphs in the first page to make sure I"m in the right place - yep I am. So what's going on? I stopped reading, went to the book's GR page and checked again the synopsis and categories this one was under - totally Contemporary. Well, lets keep on reading.. and I did. COULDN'T put it down. I did, for a long conversation with my roommate which ended in "I NEED TO RETURN TO MY BOOK". Next thing I know, it's was after 2 a.m. and I reached "The End" with a stupid smile on my face. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bullet (Blue Boy #1) [Levi & Sonny] by Garrett Leigh

After reading a few of Garrett's novel I started obsessively adding more books by her. When I got to this series I decided to leave it till the end not being sure I'll actually read it.. and yet when these were the last one on my list I knew that even though the subject was putting me off I HAVE to give it a try - and I'm really happy I did! :) 

The synopsis states boldly that Levy is a gay porn star, now getting a proposal he can't deny doing something he isn't sure he is able to do. Also the scene is between Dex (a VERY aggressive top) and Sonny (a guy he can't stand) and he's suppose to be somewhere in the middle.. yeah.. sounds like a total torment.. and yet, Levi needs the money badly to pay his mother's debts so he sort off doesn't have any choice..

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lucky Man (Heated Beat #2) [Danny & Finn] by Garrett Leigh

Sweet and heart warming short novel. I already stated many times before how much I enjoy Garrett's writing, this one being no different, yet I gotta say I have a lot more respect for her after reading this one with what Finn was dealing with. I"m not going to write what (not to spoiler..), I'm just going to say that it's quite rare that authors choose to write flawed characters especially the way Finn is.. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Mate Jack (Heated Beat #1) [Will & Jack] by Garrett Leigh

A very angsty yet sweet short novella. I gotta say, up until now, every book I've read by Garrett was excellent this one being no different. She has a gift with describing intimacy and relationship buildup in SUCH a beautiful way it's always a joy to read. Considering the plot line and general idea behind this story, I can honestly say I would expect to not really like it / feel connected, but since it's Garrett, I wasn't really worried. 

Jack and Will are best friends and have been for most of their lives. Will knew he was gay from a young age, it was also obvious to him he is VERY attracted to his best friend. On two separate occasions Jack offers Will something he can't say no to, even though Jack's reasoning is lost on him.. Especially since Will is (obviously) Straight and what he asks for.. isn't.. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bound to Darkness (Midnight Breed #13) [Carys Chase & Rune] by Lara Adrian

The Paranormal Romance used to be my most favorite genre. I used to read almost SOLELY Paranormal and mostly vampires, but if I look back on what I've read for the past few months, besides a few very short Fantasy / Paranormal novellas the last Vampire PNR I read was back in April! It's strange. I still LOVE this genre, and yet I mostly read "regular" / "real world" romance now. A lot more MM compared to MF. So when I realized the next book on my list is a PNR MF I was in a way surprised - that it's still on my list and I haven't read it since it was out, and the fact that I really couldn't remember when I've read a good PNR as I used to love doing ALL the time. 

I'm not sure what I feel about this novel. I had a problem with the progression of Carys and Rune's relationship. Unlike previous books in the series, this book starts with Carys and Rune already a formed couple. Well, sort of.. Rune laid out the cards from the start - whatever happens between them - it will last as long as they are both enjoying it. So I guess it's no wonder they sounded to me more like "fuck-buddies" than a real couple.. and even though both proclaim they DO have deep feeling from one another I didn't see the "base" to these feelings besides their excessive sexual need for one another (I'll admit to skimming through some of those..).

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Lady's Secret by Joanna Chambers

Perfection. I kinda feel like being naughty and leaving this review with just this single word. Frankly, there is little to add. I can tell you how amazing the story was, how much I enjoyed the characters and mostly the relationship buildup. How great the whole "time and place" was for me even though I don't read Historical that often. Yeah, I could also tell you how intrigued I was by the whole plot line and everything that happened and how I imagined it would play and the fact it didn't play as I thought it would.. I could tell you all that but it simply WON'T express just how much I enjoyed it and how much you HAVE to grab it and read it. I tell you now Joanna can write about apes and chickens populating the moon and I'd happily read it!

So, let's write a few words on the plot, shall we? 

Friday, September 18, 2015

COVER REVEAL - The Fifteenth Minute (The Ivy Years #5) by Sarina Bowen

OMG Can't believe it!!! 
The 5th book in the Ivy Years by Sarina Bowen is out in less than a month! 
Are you ready for Lianne's book? if not, GET ready! it's out on the 13th of October. 
You can already Pre-Order it on AMAZON. Click!
So let's sit back here for a minute and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL cover :)

Total YUM, right? Love everything about this cover as I'm sure I'll feel about the book ;)
I've read all of Sarina's books and with each one I get more obsessed with her writing. 

If you're here and besides enjoying the cover you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a heads up! This is my Ivy Years Series page where you can find my reviews of the previous books. Each one of the books can be read as a "Stand Alone" though some of the characters DO appear in other installments.

The Fifteenth Minute (The Ivy Years #5) - BLURB:​

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another Place in Time by Aleksandr Voinov, K.J. Charles, Kaje Harper, Jordan L. Hawk, Joanna Chambers, Tamara Allen

I found this anthology as I was combing through all of Aleksandr Voinov book list yet even though I read a few Historical Romance novels by Aleksandr I was reluctant to try this one. See, the ones I read by him were all round WWII (meaning - not THAT Historical ;)). Then I stumbled upon Joanna's Enlightenment series which made me see this genre in a different light and so I decided to give this one a go and generally try out more Historical novels which are a bit out of my comfort zone yet might surprise :)

While all of these are Historical by definition, the setting of each one is quite different, which gives a great arch of interest to anyone wanting to try out the Historical MM Romance genre.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Lion of Kent by Aleksandr Voinov & Kate Cotoner

I didn't really like this one.. I should say that I mostly don't read Historical Romance but lately I decided to give this genre a go, so this is me, going out of my comfort zone and exploring new territories ;) 

This short novella is told from William's POV. He is a bastard squire in Robert's estate. For the past 5 years Robert was out in the Holy Land and so when he returns all William wants is to show his worth and get a Knight title. For me, there was something extremely childish about William. I don't know how old he was, I guess maybe early 20s, yet if I think of his behavior in the terms we live in now, he felt like a kid of round 6-8 years. He had a childish hot temper, getting angry and striking the other squires. He was obsessed with just one thing and didn't think of anything else. Basically all his behavior was oriented to one thing - impress Robert so he'll get his spurs. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Out in the Blue by Kelly Jensen

Such a sweet short novella! Really enjoyed it! I can't remember how I came to add this one to my Amazon Wishlist, but every time I considered it I became more intrigued, it sounded so different. Not so damn "perfect" as most Romance novels tend to be. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins

I'm not sure how to rate this short novella. Partly because it took me  a whole freaking week to read it! I don't blame anything but myself, not having the time or the ability to concentrate (and not fall asleep) whenever there is a possibility to actually sit and read. I can't wait for this month to be over, getting my LIFE back! I miss reading and who happy and relax it makes me.

The whole story is told from Evan's POV. He is invited by his brother to help with a photo shoot of Riley Flood - a celebrity pop star. The tension between Evan and Riley was totally fun to read. Riley has such an influence on Evan who is mostly shy unless he is in an adventurous mood :) But the things he blurbs when he is nervous! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015 Goals

I have high hopes for September being a bit more refreshing even though it's suppose to be the most stressful month of my course (the final exam is on the 8th of October). But since there are SO MANY holidays and little work this month I'm hoping I won't be as tired as I was the previous month, also the house I've moved into last month is FINALLY organized and it truly feels like a home now :) 

I feel quite "brave" with my initial plan of about an hour and a half reading a day when on August (Goals / Recap) I managed barely more than half an hour so we'll see how it goes.. 

This month is mostly about "catching up". I have a few novels I planned on reading the previous months as well as the last Garrett Leigh novels and also two full length novels by a new author I received great recommendation of, which I can only hope I'll actually get around to reading (nope.. sadly it didn't happen..).

Full Exposure    ★ ★ ★ ½
I really enjoyed the previous short novella Amy wrote for the M/M Romance Group on GoodReads, really looking forward to reading this Contemporary MM Romance novella as well. I have more by Amy scheduled for later on this year (after my exam), looking forward to these as well!

Out in the Blue    ★ ★ ★
Another Contemporary MM Romance I don't even remember how and when was added to my Amazon wishlist but as I was organizing it a bit I decided to actually check it out. Looks very sweet and exactly my forte.

Originally, I had this short Historical MM Romance novella planned for, maybe two months ago? then I realized it's a sort of "prequel" to Aleksandr's novella "Deliverance" in "Another Place in Time" so I decided to postpone it to this month and add the anthology right after.

Another Place in Time (Anthology)    ★
I got a recommendation for this anthology before I even realized it has two very favorite authors - Aleksandr and Joanna. I'm looking forward to this Historical MM Romance bundle. 

The Lady's Secret    ★ ★ ★
Joanna's "Enlightenment" Historical MM Romance series and mainly how much I enjoyed it was quite a surprise. Historical Romance isn't a genre I enjoy reading (and rarely venture to even try..) yet I tired it because it came highly recommended by a friend and also because I had a feeling, being a MM Romance, it would be somehow different - and it was!
This month I'm being "brave" with trying out a "regular" (M/F) Historical Romance novel because it's written by Joanna.  Who knows, I might actually find myself looking for more HR along the way..

It's been a while since I've read a proper PNR novel. It's just that I don't have a lot of time lately and I don't see myself investing in a world that is different than ours (plot more complicated, world building and all that) but "Midnight Breed" is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite PNR series if not THE best one. This book was released about a month ago but though I pre-orderd and was REALLY waiting for the release I barely find the time these days to read a full length novel. 

My Mate Jack (Heated Beat, #1)    ★ ★ ★
Lucky Man (Heated Beat, #2)    ★ ★ ★
Bullet (Blue Boy, #1)    ★ ★ ★ ½
Bones (Blue Boy, #2)    ★ ★ ★ ½
Bold (Blue Boy, #3)    ★ ★ ★
These are the last novels by Garrett (from all her published work) I haven't read.  I loved all her Contemporary MM Romance books so it's no wonder I"m really looking forward to these as well!  Short or long, Garrett has an amazing ability to capture my heart with each book. 

Quite excited with the books I planned for this month, a lot of them have waited too long on my list and most of them are by authors I absolutely love.

Check out more of my Recap and Goals of the past months!

August 2015 Recap

August just wasn't working for me, It started out fairly well with me being really good with my homework, I was actually quite proud of myself that after 6 years out of academic studies I can find the right cushioning on my butt for more than reading ;) Yet as this month gone by I realized that even when I actually have the time to read I'm either too tired or I know I have to get up early to study so I shouldn't (and probably couldn't..) read..

So even though I planned for about an hour read every day in my August Goals, I read much less.. I also had to put aside a few full length novels because it was almost impossible to be invested in a novel unless I was giving away A LOT of studying time which I shouldn't.. So I actually read just 2 full length novels and the rest short novellas (and less than I thought I'd read..)

Total Read - 10 ebooks / 995 pages (~32 pages a day)

In general it was a good month considering how many great reads I had. There's just one "on the fence" novel (only because it was a sub-genre I don't like) and a lot of great enjoyable novellas.

★  ★  ★  ★  ★ - Cheers and Shouts for the Favorites -  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★
I started this month with "Gavin: Resist" by Heather C. Leigh, the 3rd novel in "Sphere of Irony" Contemporary Romance series (this one being M/M, previous ones were M/F)). It was my first read by Heather and I really liked it. I did have a few issues with this one, but overall a very enjoyable read and I'll be sure adding more books by Heather to my reading list. 

I've read 7 (!) short novellas by Cara McKenna this month, with it, I actually finished (most) all her published work (I did leave out a few that were a part of a sub-genre I don't like). ALL of them were great reads, even the ones I didn't expect to like. Though Cara writes Erotica, all her novels are first about the characters. Yeah, there's a lot of HOT steamy sex, but there's still a story, a unique one in each, with different and very relate-able characters. Highly recommended! 

"Shadow Bound" is a very short (free) read by Garrett Leigh. Though it was only about 20 pages and though it was a Paranormal (MM) Romance novella there's actually quite a sweet story in there. I love all of Garrett's novels. She is truly one of my favorite authors.

▲  ▲ On the Fence ▼  ▼
"The Darkest Flame" is part of "Roadmap to Your Heart" - a new Contemporary (MM) Romance series by Christina Lee. I really liked both Smoke and Vaughn, I SO wanted them to be able to be together, to be able to act upon their mutual attraction and to think of a possibility of them being together even with all the complications surrounding them. They were so conflicted about even giving each other a chance! and though it took time I loved the way their relationship progressed. 
What puts this one "On the fence" is the whole Motorcycles Club sub plot. Though I love motorcycles in real life, I never got the whole deal with all those Motorcycles Club books. This one WAS different, I mean, if you are into MC books, bare in mind this one ISN'T a typical MC novel. Yet there is a whole side plot containing gang rivelry I was simply not interested in. Yeah it moved the general plot and the progression of the relationship between the two main heroes, but for me, it wasn't engaging enoug. 
I was happy to hear the next one in the series won't be centered around the MC club so I hope it's going to be as good as Christina's NA novels I SO SO love.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

That's it for my monthly recap, I guess it's shorter than usual which is no wonder since I read about a third of what I usually read. But I'm still really happy with what I DID manage to read. I feel truly blessed with all the amazing authors I have on my reading list who write beautiful and compelling stories.  

Till next month - enjoy your readings! :)