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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bold (Blue Boy #3) [Kai & Matthew] by Garrett Leigh

I'm not even sure why, this one was different from the previous two installments, it was more about the romance and way (!) more emotional. There was a huge part of us getting to know the new managers of "Blue Boy" who are really awesome! (and also sweet :)) and another part about Kai getting his GED. As with the previous one, we got quite a lot of glimpses into Cam and Sonny as well as a little bit of Levi. Sonny and Levi are still at odds which put me off, I wanted to KNOW what's going on and I was left with none.

Kai is a little bored, though he enjoys dancing in "Silver", the sex scenes as a "Bottom" at "Blue Boy" isn't working for him anymore.. Jude (one of the new bosses) asks Kai to look into himself and realize on his own what he wants and needs. With  a little "nudge" from Cam (who is working behind the cameras for now) he is thrown into an unexpected friendship with Matthew that suppose to end with them in bed (with cameras around), him being the "Top" for the first time in his life, and Matthew the "Bottom". 

Both Cam and Jude tells Kai and Matthew that the best way to go for it, is to become friends, for real. Spend some time with each other. That they do.. and with Mac's wish for Kai to do the GED exam and Matthew offering to help out, they spend a LOT of time together. It doesn't take them long to start to feel for one another, to crave each other's presence but for Kai who never had anyone to really care for him it's frightening showing Matthew his true feelings and so as time goes by, instead of coming together in a way they fall apart especially after a stupid move from Kai's side.. But there is more to life than sitting at home scared to deal and so after a frightening night they find their way to one another's arms. 

I don't have any complaints about the buildup of Kai and Matthew's relationship, on the contrary! Yet I think that there was a bit too much angst in the end considering the other installments and how they played out.. and yet, Kai IS very different from everyone else mentioned, he is much more sensitive so it DID fit him. What I wished for was more background, on both Kai and Matthew, like in the previous installment it was mostly about the present and getting a Happy For Now, but I still hope for more, especially when seeing Levi and Sonny's relationship falling apart.. 

The series feels quite unfinished.. There is MUCH more to be done and said but I don't really know if there are more planned - I DO hope so :)

As mentioned in the previous installment as well as on the "Series Page" this series must be read by order.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 133 pages, 30 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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