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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When in Rome by Cara McKenna

Sweetness. Total sweetness. A very short and yeah, SWEET, story. Amy and Jens meet in Rome (no shocker here ;)) when he is running away from the paparazzi, the only place being open so early in the morning is the bakery Amy has been working in for the summer (she is in culinary school). They spend less than a day together, yet somehow there is a beautiful connection between the two of them. 

Jens came to Rome from Denmark to sign some papers concerning the HUGE amount of money he got from his deceased father. A father he almost knows nothing about, beside being filthy rich and the fact he chose to leave all his money to Jens - his bastard son.. Getting a lot of money is a good thing.. sure.. but for a private and very modest person like Jens it just means people are on his "tail" not allowing him to fish for crabs as he wish to keep on doing. 

Amy finds Jens so compelling and attractive. She is afraid that acting on her attraction would feel to Jens as she is trying to do something to earn her money, but Jens already feels that she is different so he is the one to make the first move. 

I"m not going to say anything more. This is too short to say more without revealing too much. I loved how this one played. Loved how it ended as well. Very open ended. Not a very pronounced "HEA", just a very good feeling about the future to come which was enough for me. Though there was a sex scene in this one, it's quite misleading calling it an Erotica novella, maybe it's more on the Contemporary side, I"m not sure how to call it. Anyhow it's recommended as an easy read to leave the sweetest smile on your face. 

Unbelievable that it took me TWO DAYS to read this one. I fell asleep yesterday after reading less than half - I was THAT tired. As I wrote before, I moved out of my apartment a week and a half ago. The move was not only time consuming but also exhausting! Add the HUGE amount of homework I have from the course I'm doing and what you get is me falling into bed every night without even considering grabbing my precious kindle. On the bright side, I'm sleeping SO WELL! Better than I've slept in a LONG while :) 
I hope that now that I'm settled I'll find the time between H.W assignments to read. I really miss it.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 26 pages, 10-11 August 2015 / On GoodReads

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