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Friday, July 31, 2015

Rest And Be Thankful by Joanna Chambers

Another short and very sweet novella. It was quite heart breaking just how things got messed up for Cam. He came with so much hopes and dreams to live in a small town, only to somehow find himself a total outsider with a failing business. He says he isn't a "people's person" and it shows, but he isn't a bad guy, he just made a few mistakes. 

Rob is the sweetest. Yeah he had a HUGE fall out with Cam, but it was mostly a big misunderstanding (or at least that's how he saw it) and basically he wanted to apologize to Cam but it somehow never actually happened since he felt a bit awkward for also being attracted to Cam when he is about 10 years older (and not as toned as Cam..). Also, when he sees just how Cam is hurting (without even knowing what exactly about) he feels so bad for him. 

Cam is the kind of guy who manages on his own, and repeats the phrase "I"m okay" whenever possible, even if all it NOT okay and he is in a very bad situation. Yet on New Year's Eve he finds himself in front of Rob's house with a broken down car, no where to go but knock on Rob's door. Sometimes asking for help isn't a bad idea, it could lead to so much more than you would expect. 

I really enjoyed this novella. For me it had everything a good love story needs even if it's short and in these kind of novellas we only get "Happy for Now" and not the full on HEA. I enjoy seeing how things work out, or the possibilities that open with finding true companionship.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 76 pages, 31 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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