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Friday, July 17, 2015

Turkey in the Snow by Amy Lane

What a SWEET story! It's not my usual read for a few reasons and yet I LOVED it. Hank and Justin were perfect for each other even if they are total opposites. I loved that Justin wasn't what Hank THOUGHT he needed, and yet it was exactly it. Even though they are both quite young (21/25) they both felt very mature (to what I'm used to reading of those ages). With Hank it's obvious from his past, but with Justin it was refreshing. 

Hank has been raising his niece Josie for a few month now ever since his sister bolted leaving him the 4 years old kid with all her cloths and few possessions. He does his best to care for her, as he did with his sister Amanda when she was young and their mother had other things on her mind. Truthfully Hank loves kids and planned on having them, but LATER on in life, not when he is 25 years old and haven't actually been prepared for it. Yet he does an AMAZING job. It's not just my opinion it's Justin's as well. Justin - who adores Josie and Josie adored back - works in the "children day care" in the gym Hank works out in (selected specifically for having this feature). While there's such a good connection between Justin and Josie, Hank can't stand the over dramatic Justin and he acts this way. Justin thought it's because Hank is opposed to gays but when Hank admits to being gay himself he sees this as an opportunity he is NOT going to miss and he does an excellent job of making himself "indispensable" to Hank (and Josie).

Hank had enough dramatic people in his life - his mother, his sister, and yeah, also his cheating ex-boyfriend. He isn't into having another one, especially now, when there is someone else who might get hurt. In Hank's experience these dramatic people make their own drama and then leave and so giving Justin a chance is not really on his agenda yet Justin is determined enough to make Hank SEE how much he (and Josie) needs him. 

Hank is always the guy people depend on, the guy others lean on. I get that because I'm a like that I guess. Justin might not look like the kind of guy anyone could actually lean on or depend upon, yet for Hank he is exactly that and Hank have been craving exactly that for years (even if it's not something he admits). I can say that I still haven't found that one person for me but if I have to give my true number one priority in a significant other it's going to be - as strong as I am and being dependable enough to be there when I need him. Being the strong person that I am, people look for MY shoulder for comfort and not the other way around. Doesn't help that most "tough" guys find me threatening or simply unattractive (it's not a very feminine trait..) which is exactly why I loved this story so much. The younger and slighter Justin wouldn't look like a strong capable person yet he IS with all his flamboyant behavior. He is exactly the steady rock Hank needs in his life.
It's so hard to believe a ~70 page story can give so much, but it truly does. I enjoy Amy's short novellas SO MUCH. I applaud her amazing ability to make me FEEL so much in so few pages. Yep, recommended! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 71 pages, 17 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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