Monday, October 6, 2014

Second Chance by Audra North

This one was a sweet short story of Collin and Marnie meeting up on Halloween for the first time after 10 years. Marnie had a crush on the popular Collins back in High School while he didn't really know the shy girl existed. Well, maybe he knew but they never had any interaction back then. Now, years later when Collin is home helping out his family they meet in the Library where Marnie works and with a surprising help they find a way to one another's arms.

I liked the idea of this story, the characters where nice, there was a lot of emphasis on the background, both of Collin and Marnie's past as on their present. But maybe because of that the story was kinda slow going. I didn't feel drawn enough to the characters through their musings and though there's a slight "surprise" in the story (which was nicely played) it too was a little slow in building up. 

A nice romantic read. No explicit sexual content for anyone who is wondering which is funny considering I finished a slightly shorter novella today that was MOSTLY sex or something that leads to sex :) Sort of balance it out come to think about it. 

I'll be checking out more of Audra's novels. I have a longer one on my list for this month "Losing It" hope that on a longer novella I'll get the fluidity and more interest I was missing in this one. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 64 pages, 6 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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