Monday, October 6, 2014

Mine by Mary Calmes

Though I read my fair share of MM novels I must say, this is not my usual read.. It's mostly because the relationship between Landry and Trevan isn't my cup of tea. They have a VERY emotional and obsessed kind of relationship. They are both very possessive and jealous of one another and Landry just ISN'T emotionally stable. No matter what everyone around them are saying / thinking, to me it sounds a lot like some sort of personality disorder (maybe Borderline?). Not to mention the fact that though we meet them as an established couple their beginning (which is mentioned is details as a memory) is an absolute "insta-love" in which after seeing Landry for a few times from afar Trevan just declares Landry is now his and he'll take care of him. YET I really enjoyed this book! Sometimes you just have to take a book the way it is and give it a chance to surprise you - which it did! It's not an absolute love 5 stars review but it IS a 4 star review and my reasons for giving in 4 instead of 5 has nothing to do with what I mentioned above. 

Trevan and Landry have been a couple for two years now. They are happily living together, starting to save for their own little house, while Landry has quite a successful jewelry business he recently opened Trevan is a "runner" (collects money from bets) and dreams of having enough money to open his own restaurant. All that is put aside when Landry's brother comes for a visit asking Landry to come home for a visit. Right at that time another "runner" who works for the same guy Trevan works for gets killed making the decision to go visit Landry's family an easy one. Visiting Landry's family makes Trevan realize there is too much about his boyfriend he doesn't know yet some of the things his family are saying makes no sense to him. He KNOWS Landry, maybe THEY are the ones not knowing their own family member? Along the family thing there is the whole issue with the betting business and another mystery when Landry is being kidnapped at the strangest timing.  

Though Trevan and Landry's relationship was the obsessive-possessive kind there was also something beautiful about it. Landry might me mentally unstable yet for Trevan he is his Landry and he just KNOWS what he needs at any given time. He knows what to give him, what to say to him to fix the situation, he doesn't care about his own ego when it comes to Landry. He would do and say anything to make him better. While any other sane man (or woman) would have given up on SUCH a high maintenance person, for Trevan it's somehow what he needs as well - he needs someone to take care of and in their relationship the roles are so clear that the relationship just works amazing. period. We all are different in our own way, we all have our wants and needs and though I'm usually not into those kind of relationships when one is extra needy or one is extra bossy it was nice reading a story that shows this kind of a relationship and show it CAN be beautiful maybe because they aren't perfect as they are, but they are perfect for one another. 

I'll say that Landry was "a bit much" in right about anything and everything. Saying he is one hell of a extrovert and highly high maintenance is SUCH an understatement! I couldn't handle a guy / gal like that even as a friend! JEEZ! It's not that I would have patience for someone as high ended as Trevan, he is too much in control all the time. But it was nice seeing his sensitive side whenever it has to do with Landry and also when it comes to his close friend and "guardian angel" Conrad (who helps him out in the business). 

My complaint about this book as I said above is NOT about their relationship or who they are, it's about the plot line and mainly the pace feeling a bit off. Sometimes it was rushed, or maybe too rushed, sometimes it was too slow with too many times where Trevan (which is the sole POV by the way..) remembers a scene from their past in exact details. Some of the plot line about the betting business felt not important or interesting enough for the story line. The side characters felt unimportant/undeveloped. I don't know, something in this book felt a bit "under cooked" if it makes any sense. I'm really interested to try other books by Mary, I'm thinking they would probably be somehow different than my usually go to MM Romance novels which is the real appeal (I really enjoyed reading of Landry and Trevan not so usual relationship). I just hope that they would be "well cooked" and give me a whole fluid story. 

A really nice and at times real funny read!  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 220 pages, 4-5 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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