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Monday, March 5, 2018

Change of Heart (Change of Heart #1) by Mary Calmes

My issue with this book is something you either REALLY mind or you don't. If I had to name it using just one word I think "destiny" might help out but it's not just it.. Reading PNR books you are usually presented with a lot of situations in which people are "destined" to be together and so their attraction is either OTT or there's this "click" between them they can't shut off and here they are - a couple. While I CAN accept that in PNR books to some extent I don't like it. Heck, the MC in this book doesn't like the idea of being stuck with someone because that's how the "laws of attraction" works so why should I?

Jin Rayne is a werepanther but he's not just ANY werepanther, he is destined to mate with a pack leader (there's a special name for that "destined job"). That's is quite bizarre considering he is male and pack leaders is male "job". What kind of pack leader would want a man for a mate? Jin does his best to avoid any pack leader not only to NOT stumble upon his destined mate but also because he has a certain appeal because of his special "destiny" that makes him likeable to right around anyone who meets him (human or shifter). Though it's nice having most of everyone on your side it felt a bit "staged" and very "fake". While Jin was trying his best to stay in the side lines, wherever he goes people just want him to stay and almost worship his strange appeal. When meeting other shifters with other "destinies" (other "jobs") it become a little unbearable for me. I understand that shifters are not a real thing.. but I would like the story at least to feel realistic somehow. Alas, it wasn't.

The obsession with Jin's "destiny" was beyond annoying. He is this rear thing everyone wants to snatch. But since HE is the only one who knows the "old rules" he keeps explaining it to everyone - why they CAN'T have him and why HE has to choose his mate. 20% in and I was not only bored with learning the special pack "jobs" (mostly destined ones) I was annoyed that people's acts were NOT their own. They behaved through those roles with instinct and at times without knowing why they are doing what they are doing...

An example needs to be made.. I know.. okay, so there's the job of a "protector" to a pack. Jin meets this guy who is a protector to a pack leader (the one who is going to be Jin's mate, only one knowing that is whomever read the synopsis ;)) when he meets Jin he wants to know who is mate is and if he doesn't have one (which it seems to be so because he isn't marked and because he doesn't smell mated or something like that..) he INSTANTLY becomes overly protective of him. He doesn't know who he is but he wants him to meet his pack leader (to determine if he is his destined mate) and even though he is suspicious about him (saying he is mated, yet he isn't) he is still protective of him. SAY WHAT? Jin, naturally, knows why because he knows what his destiny "job" makes him out to be, and he instantly realizes the "job" this shifter has which helps him determine the guy's behaviour.

Are you confused yet? I am.. I was reading this book and thinking to myself - WTF man? Even animals have more brain to DECIDE how they want to act. Yeah they can be ruled by instinct at times, but they are free beings. It's not like that in this book AT ALL. Everyone's behaviour felt so damn OTT (and mostly unreal). 

As I said at the beginning of my review, if you don't mind the whole "destiny" concept you might really like this one. It's quite unique and I think it's going to deal with interesting issues later on. But for me, who switched my main focus from PNR to "regular" contemporary romance I have little patience for something that takes away from the realism of a couple. 


DNF 20%
Read on:
4-5 March 2018

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