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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

What Can Be by Mary Calmes

This was SUCH a nice surprise. I'm not even sure why I'm surprised.. maybe because I didn't expect this one to be so deep and emotional in a little bit more than 100 pages but Mary has a gift in writing and especially with novellas so this one was surely a holiday treat just be prepared for heart ache along with the sweetness. 

Jacob Somerville was born Eli Hartline. When he was 15 years old he left his father and two older brothers for a summer vocation with his mother. 3 months turned into much more and Eli found himself not only separated from his family but changing his identity. It's been years, 13 years to be exact and Jacob feels he isn't sure of his place again. He has a loving boyfriend in Chicago one he has left behind and went on a journey to no where starting with his family. Needing to finally see them and maybe find the courage to explain where he was the past 13 years and mostly - why!

It was a bit confusing. Jacob's thoughts were everywhere, he wanted to see his family but though he knows he loves them deep inside somehow trust or maybe a sort of piece of mind for sharing his past eludes him. 

He has come so far, generally from everything that happened to him, but also from his life with Craig Zhao, his lover, his LOVE though he is reluctant to admit it even to himself. But staying so far from his safe place turned out far more complicated than he imagined. Only Craig's love can safe him now. 

This story was truly heart breaking. I loved it but was also tormented the whole time trying to figure out Jacob's past, the things he can't admit to anyone (but Craig). But with Craig everything can be possible, he can have it all, if only he agrees to reverse his strange decision of running away. 

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26 October 2017

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