Friday, December 29, 2017

Kairos by Mary Calmes

Though the idea behind this story was truly endearing it also felt a bit too OTT and kitschy. Things moved a bit too quickly for me, though the love DID make sense since Kade and Joe have been best friends, partners and "roommates" for two years before their relationship progressed to a full blown romantic one. 

The story is told from Joe Cohen's POV. He has been living in Chicago for almost 3 years, being estranged from his family though it takes quite a long time fore us to learn the true reason for that. For me it was one of the things that felt "over-the-top". I don't want to write more not to spoiler, I'll just say that Joe ran away as far from California which is where he found Kade Bosa.

Kade have been a cop, worked undercover and after getting addicted to Heroine and being accused of shooting someone he shouldn't he is forced to retire. Trying out odd jobs he somehow finds himself partnered with Joe as PIs. They don't make a lot of money, but living together even just as partners and friends is the best things that could have happened to both of them.

It's obvious from every step that Kade loves Joe and we know that Joe feels the same about Kade. Though acting upon their emotions is something they are both scared to do. Losing each other is the worst thing that could happen to them so they rather have each other at least as friends and not risk losing the love of their lives. 

Things change when they stumble upon the one kid who can change everything for Kade. Clearing him of the shooting and putting a bad cop where he should be.. This kid somehow enables Kade to make the decision for the three of them and mostly for Joe to visit his family and fix what went wrong three years ago. 

I won't say more because it's quite a short novella. There is a lot more to be said about the kid, Joe's ex and also about Kade and Joe's family but I'll leave it at that. For me it was a nice novella but a bit too cheesy. I wish it felt more realistic. It felt like a story that just needed a button to be pushed for everything to unfold. Joe and Kade were the sweetest together and I DO wonder if our kid who is actually 20 years old will get a story of his own.. THAT I would love to read. 

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