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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tried & True (THIRDS #10) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

As usual, a great read. I would have been crashed if this was actually the last I heard of Dex and Sloane but lucky for us, their story will continue in the new spin off series - TIN. CAN'T WAIT! There is something so terribly beautiful about this series, it combines action, with huge beasts (our Therians or usually called - shape-shifters) but also high-tech and fire arms with a larger than life romance you swoon over. It's no wonder THIRDS is my absolute favorite PNR/UF series. It simply has EVERYTHING I could wish for. 

This book started so lazy.. I think the first third of the book was just them and the team, and everyone around them being themselves. Thoughts about the present, past and future and living the life though worried about the future. It takes time for the action to start when someone VERY important to the team is being kidnapped. From there there's so much stress and heart ache but also hope. With these two and the amount of people they have who love, trust and willing to help in any situation the changes are almost always in their favor. I loved seeing that, because it was also a way of seeing how much these two went through over the years, how many people became more than friends and colleagues, but actual family. 

From there things certainly escalate, mostly over so many revelations there weren't aware of, but also because they FINALLY find a crucial piece in the puzzle. Naturally I won't say more not to spoiler.. But I WILL say that throughout the book I felt the little hints adding up so when the big reveal happened it was only a sort of sadness for the guys not a real surprise about who it was pulling the strings around them. It was rather ingenious actually.   

Dex and Sloane met a few years back, when Sloane heart broken over the loss of his partner (and secretly also his lover) was assigned to the new to the THIRDS Dex. So much have come to pass since then. A little bit of hate, but mostly interest, attraction and later on - trust, love and companionship. This book is a closure in both the sense it's an ending to their current position at the THIRDS, as they are moving to becoming TIN operatives (a secret agency) but also because they are finally tying the knot. I'm not big on weddings (in books and real life) but this one, like few other I actually got emotional over was mainly because of the journey, what the couple went through to get there. THEN it feels like the beginning of the HEA. This is why a wedding in the final installment of the THIRDS series is more than appropriate. But maybe because a wedding ISN'T actually what brings the HEA, I'm excited to see these two with different badges :) I DO believe they WILL be HEA, but life's little adventures (with these two, it's HUGE adventures) doesn't end when you look into your lovers' eyes and kiss when pronounced married. 

This book was everything I could have hoped for in a final installment, but also gave the promise of getting so much more in the spin off. Can't. Wait!

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29-30 Dec 2017

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