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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Belle vs. the BDOC (Bend or Break) by Amy Jo Cousins

I'm HIGHLY annoyed. This started off funny and nice, but then I got totally lost in Shelby's POV. First, though I AM a girl of the 90s, I am still too young (was at high school at the time, not college) and second Shelby is WAY WAY WAY too competitive for me. Everything with her was SO OTT I was just annoyed with her. Everything was a game to be won and everything was done with the highest of emotions - winning, fucking, whichever. I don't have one competitive bone in my body and if I wanted someone BADLY, the one LAST thing I would do is try to destroy everything he (in this case she) achieved. It started with Trivia nights and went to a game of assassin. 

Shelby and Florence were fighting MOST of the time. When they weren't running or fooling around. I was just tired of the whole thing. Every conversation turned into a fight. Instead of making me want to try out more F/F romance it made me realize why I wouldn't find it appealing in the first place.. (that was rude.. and prejudiced I know ;)) though I must say even one of them as a MC in a straight novel would have made me so damn mad!!!! It's the constant NEED to WIN. To be ON TOP. To OWN IT. What about friendship? what about finding things they like and sharing them? (besides their bodies, yeah?). 

The whole story was a big attractions strapped to a HUGE fight. There was nothing even remotely romantic about this story. I didn't like it and at a certain point I started skimming because I couldn't find any interest in neither of them. 

I'm sorry. This one was NOT for me. Maybe if you miss your college days in the 90s you might feel differently, or if you are a competitive person yourself. But I, as it seems, lack some MAJOR traits to truly get this story. 

I feel really bad bashing this short novella, I do. I follow Amy on social media and she sounds like an amazing person. Also I've read several books by her I REALLY loved and so dissing this one feels somehow wrong but I gotta be true to what I feel.. I console myself with the reminder that each book I personally dislike is sure to have many other raving reviews from people who felt totally different from me. Books are personal. It either tags on your heart or it doesn't, and who you are, as I see it, is the main issue in how you feel about a book, its characters, setting etc.   

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