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Good Boy (WAGs #1) [Blake & Jess] by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

FUN read, this one was SO different from the previous one. I REALLY enjoyed it, though I wish I had more time to enjoyed it as a should - in one Laughing Out Loud gulp! As it turns out, life TOTALLY got in the way of my reading but you know what? No worried, it means I got to enjoy it longer. Blake is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Though I could totally believe in him and his character - he is a sort of a "one of a kind", his charm was IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and even fall for, I could TOTALLY get why Jess was reluctant to accept his flirts and yet the moment she truly SEES him for who he is, and not just the "dumb jock" facade her fall is just inevitable. 

Just a few days ago I had a talk with a friend and basically she said that the best kind of guy is someone who made her laugh and she genuinely enjoys his company. I could totally relate and more than that, while reading this book it was even more accentuated because that's how it is to be around Blake. He is is a constant teez, he looks at life as his for the taking, and he doesn't let anything really put him down. He enjoys life to the fullest because this is what he chooses every single day also he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he is simply a great guy. He might be annoying but he is truly a good friend and he knows what to say and how to act around the people he cares about. It was obvious in the previous installment with his friendship with Wes - his teammate, and the effort he made to also help Jamie and it was also evident here every step of the way. 

So why does Jess keeps rejecting him? because she is in a difficult spot at the moment and "having fun" shouldn't even be on her to-do-list. Let's back up a little shall we? Jessica Canning is Jamie's big(er) sister and yet at the age of 26 though she tried every career she could think of, nothing truly pulled her in. Now she is a party planner and yeah, she plans to throw her brother and his soon to be husband THE BEST wedding EVER, yet when the show is over she is headed into ANOTHER career - nursing school. But how to announce that to her family who have been supporting her financially but isn't thrilled to do so with her every whim... So while her one-night-stand with Blake when she was helping him nurse Jamie (in the previous installment) was A-Mazing, she isn't doing it again, even if he keeps insisting they are great together. Nursing school should take up ALL of her time, she can't fail this time. 

Blake is nothing but persistent. He knows what he wants and like a true Hockey player he never gives up.  All he wants is a little bit of sexy times but it's obvious Jess starts to mean more to him than he cares to admit and when he finally DOES admit it to himself, NO ONE can get in his way of them becoming a couple, not even Jess' reluctance.. Blake didn't expect to want more from Jess, for the past 5 years he's been avoiding relationship for a VERY good reason. To say the least his last one didn't end well, and in his own way he is still recovering. Sleeping with a woman is not a problem, but trusting one IS. 

I really enjoyed this one, it was a Laugh Out Loud book every turn of the way. Blake's way with words is HYSTERICAL, wait, HE is HYSTERICAL. Like Jess it took me awhile to get used to his loudness (yep, runs in the family), his arrogance and constant flirt, but beneath all that lays the most amazing guy, one to hug close and never let go. Jess was in a whirlwind and yet I loved the fact that with her huge insecurities she IS a fighter and she might have "failed" in her life before but now that she knows what she wants she puts all of her efforts into it. I can't say that I saw any of the failure she saw in herself, much like Blake saw her - someone who struggles to find herself and what she can excel at. It was beautiful seeing her figure herself out, about being a nurse through a heart breaking moment with a cancer patient and also with Blake, stopping to SEE the guy in front of her. 

Yeah, I loved both Blake and Jess and I TOTALLY got everything I could have asked for with these two. AWESOME addition to the "series", can't wait to get more! I just realized I haven't said a WORD about hockey, and maybe I should but what I actually enjoyed is the sports wasn't a huge part of the story THEY were. Though through all of the few Hockey books I've read recently I'm DYING to watch a game with someone who can actually explain it to me.     

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out in three more days! - 31 January 2017 - Grab it now through the links below.

Also, the next one, Stay will be with us mid June! YAY!

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2-7 Jan-2017

This series started as a one book collaboration between Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. HIM was AWESOME so it's no wonder they decided to gift us reader with US, another installment starring Wes and Jamie. 4 Years later we got a little gift in a short novella which has the most appropriate name.

This New Adult / Contemporary MM Romance has evolved into something else now - WAGs (wives and girlfriends) keeping the same scenery of hockey and HOT hockey players with more MF stories. 

1. HIM [Ryan "Wes" Wesley & Jamie Canning] (Published 28 July 2015) ★ 
2. US [Ryan "Wes" Wesley & Jamie Canning] (Published 8 March 2016) ★½
2.5 EPIC [Ryan "Wes" Wesley & Jamie Canning] (Published 9 February 2020) ★   
    ☺   ☺   ☺
1. Good Boy [Jessica Canning & Blake Riley] (Published 31 January 2017) 
2. Stay [Mattew "Matt" Eriksson & Hailey Taylor Emery] (Published 20 June 2017) 

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