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Monday, January 16, 2017

Hunting a Lady by Cari Z. & Caitlin Ricci

Another sweet story by Cari and Caitlin. Really enjoyed this one. I'm labeling it Historical Romance though truthfully, it feels like a sort of Fantasy world, or at least, the timing feels like it (there are no Paranormal elements in the story). It's a short adventure leading to so much more possibility than either one expected to find. 

The story is told from Jessa's POV. She has been apprenticing in leather for a long while and expected to be a journeyman soon, but now that her master is dead, she has to deal with her new master - Brent who has other (disturbing) intentions.. REALLY needing money to buy her freedom (and occupation) she jumps on the opportunity to try and find Lady Marguerite who was kidnapped. The money offered can help her not only buy her education from Brent but also give her enough money to start her own business. 

Jessa is very resourceful so it's no wonder she gets to Lady Marguerite first. Turns out she wasn't exactly kidnapped but since Lady Marguerite is a reasonable woman she accepts Jessa's offer to take her back home. On their way they form a friendship and when it's all over and done with, they can dream of a different future. 

This story is categorized as F/F but besides a sweet kiss, there is nothing sexual about this novella. I didn't feel it was needed, it's basically (like the previous novella I've read of Cari and Caitlin) a start of a relationship or rather a possibility for one. But the thing I loved most was the spin on the "regular" story of boy rescues girl. Both women were smart, knew what they wanted and were working their ways to get there even if they actually had very few real options. On the road, on their own or together, they manages well. Yeah Marguerite felt out of her element in the woods, but she did what she needed to do in order to stay safe and won a very special friend on the way.        

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