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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Worth the Wait by Cari Z. & Caitlin Ricci

What a sweet sweet holiday novella! I LOVED it! Christmas is 3 days away and Tate promised his little niece he'll get her the new book signed by her favorite author. He planned on coming early to the signing he just didn't know how crazy it's going to get! Though he is soaking wet he waits patiently in line and that's how he meets Brandon who offers him to share his umbrella.

That's how it starts, easy conversation and nice companionship but then the store closes and Tate realizes he's going to disappoint his little niece.. Brandon can't have that, he offers his help - turns out he is the author's son! 

Through there, always from Tate's POV we get to see a sweet and heart warming beginning of a relationship between Tate and Brandon. It was really nice. We didn't get more than a kiss but it still felt so warm and sweet. 
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