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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Between Ghosts by Garrett Leigh

Another great read by Garrett! Which is why I'm dead tired on my feet! Finished this book near 3 a.m. but what can I say? I just couldn't and frankly wouldn't put it down! The love story between Connor and Nat was so heart felt, it progressed so slowly and yet so fast I was drinking in every interaction between the two, the longing, the feel that this couldn't be real and yet it is for the both of them. Much more than they admitted to one another and even to themselves. 

Connor Regan is a journalist, more of the artsy kind, so what he is attempting now is very far from what he believed he will ever be a part of. Losing his brother 3 years before left him longing for answers no one seems to have so traveling to the middle east to capture the essence of what it's like to live and fight in a war zone is as close as he can get to his brother. He tried to tell himself there is more to it than this, it's the attempt to get closer to who his brother was and see what he saw through his eyes while Connor was living on English grounds objecting to the whole idea of participating in the fighting in the middle east in the first place. He prepared physically for the job and yet no one can really prepare for living in a war zone when every moment can be your last. 

SAS Nathan "Nat" Thompson has seen enough of the middle east to last more than a life time. He is haunted by his past, and the fact that the future holds nothing but more of the same. He admits to feeling very little, yet Connor who joins his little squad finds it very hard to believe, right from the start they see in each other more than meets the eye. Seeing the war one through Nat's eyes - ones who have seen it all before and from Connor's fresh eyes was sort of enlightening. I mean, I've read novels about the war in the middle east before, though not many, it's not my usual "go-to" genre. The way Garrett describes everything, the people who live in the villages, the soldiers - is so humbly human. I was just touched. This is why I see this one as Contemporary Romance novel and NOT Romantic Suspense, it's not about the war, it's about the people. It was seeing the sort of hopeless life the people living in the war zone were living. How difficult it is to stay human, to feel, to want. To plan any sort of future.

The first time Nat and Connor meet there is something "in the air", there is connection, mostly desire that shouldn't be addressed really.. it's the fact Nat needs to protect Connor and he is annoyed with himself just how quickly the task becomes PERSONAL. His over protectiveness doesn't sit well with Connor who believes he IS capable of much more that Nat gives him credit for, but as "shit hits the fan" both Nat and Connor realize there is very little they can actually do to keep each other safe. 

The attraction between them was sizzling, but even more the connection between them, the brief conversations that reveals so little and yet so much about one another. The fact both rather keep silent about too many things (mostly Nat naturally..) and yet they feel so comfortable with one another that silence doesn't seem to matter that much (even though in the end it does..)  

I feel as though I'm not being able to express how much this book meant to me. How beautiful it was, how sensitive in the most unlikely setting. I loved how the story ended. Getting closer to the end I feared it will be rushed but what we got was exactly what I wanted for Nat and Connor, it played out just perfectly even if there was a lot of heart ache in the mix. Connor got what he came for, yet he got so MUCH MORE, and Nat, I think he totally got the jack pot - he got his future back, the one he stopped thinking of.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as all of Garrett's books are.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 210 pages, 15-16 March 2016 / On GoodReads

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