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Monday, August 5, 2013

Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed #3 - Tegan and Elise) by Lara Adrian

oh Tegan, Tegan...
I'm thinking of ending my review with these 3 opening words :D

I knew he would be my favorite. Exactly the dark warrior I'm drawn to! closed his emotions years ago after he lost his Breedmate and now feels nothing and it shows (he shows nothing I mean ;))!
I love those closed up, brooding, cold aggressive types! there is always something beneath that's worth scraping more then just the surface..

here comes Elise - a "girl" I absolutely adore! She had a very easy life till her husband dies, then, on the previous book she looses her son as well, but instead of crumbling down she decides to FIGHT! 

Elise is exactly what Tegan needs, a woman who knows what she wants - revenge!! and is willing to fight for it, including his "bullshit", though she has a rough time with her rising emotions to Tegan and his behavior is sort of "cold/hot" - hard to understand what the hell he wants! 

Tegan knows what he wants. well, he knows what he shouldn't want! and he struggles with his growing emotions for Elise until he realizes the battle is lost, he can't keep her at arms length. he needs her.

I couldn't put this book down. Started reading it in the evening, barely convinced myself to go to sleep then cursed all my working day thinking of when I get back home to my book!

Only thing I found a little strange was the fact that at the few ending chapters (last hour of reading) there was so much action! that I was wondering what actually happened all the book that all of that was condensed in the end. 

I loved the resolve in the ending chapter (yeah, I'm not going to say which resolve is that except I don't mean Elise and Tegan's)

Another thing I have to add! since it's the second relationship for the both of them, I liked how it played out in a sense that Tegan's first woman was a "sweet girl". I don't think he had that much in common with her, I don't think she could have understood him and his way of life. I'm not saying he didn't love her but that its wasn't what I think would be perfect for him. and with Elise, she owes her dead husband family a lot. they raised her. marring him and living with him gave her status and appreciation. she had a really good life. she differently made the best of it. but in a sense it wasn't what I'd sign her for either. because in a way her relationship with him was "all about him", his status, his job and not only because of it she felt like she was living in a golden cage. I don't think her husband ever thought about helping her deal with her gift maybe it was easier for him that she was always in the darkhaven, there for him and not "wondering outside", but she's a woman that wants to LIVE her life, be involved (and we see how much she is/was appreciated as his ex-wife during the book)but I think for her, Tegan in the right man since he sees her, sees her wants and needs and even reluctant he understands her decisions in life and is surprised with her boldness. I'm saying here A PERFECT MATCH and a perfect timing for both of them to really appreciate each other after having someone else (and not "bad" or "abusive" just not "that" for them)

Can't wait to start the next one!!! OH heavy addiction here.. I'm turning rough!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 402 pages, 4-5 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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