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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stroke of Midnight (Midnight Breed #13.5) [Jehan & Seraphina] by Lara Adrian

What a sweet story! Really enjoyed this one! I love the Midnight Breed Series, but though it was a part of it, it was somehow totally independent and had a very special feel to it because of the setting and the way the MC come to be together. It felt like an Arabian tale, or maybe an Arabian Fairy Tale.

Jehan is a warrior in the Order's squad in Rome. He is summoned by his family to return home to Morocco to attend a mating, HIS mating to a girl he never met before. He doesn't accept and can't really understand the concept behind the mating he is forced to be a part of. Years and years ago, hundreds of years ago! His royal family, the Mafakhir made a deal with the Sanhaja family to always have a mated couple between them to avoid bloodshed between the two families. Jehan doesn't think there is need, now, to still have this kind of "deal", because there is no real need for bloodshed between the families anyway.. He is fully intended to refuse the whole thing when he realizes Seraphina, his bride to be, isn't interested either and all they have to do to avoid the situation is stay together in a resort for 8 days after them state that they are NOT interested in being mated and off they go, back to their own lives. 

Easier said then done ;)

Both Seraphina and Jehan are attracted to one another, but also intrigued. Seraphina thinks she has Jehan all figured out when she realizes he is a warrior. While her sacred work has always been about saving people, not killing them.. She have been taking care of people in need for years, spending all her energy (and money) to do her best for others. When she hears she is needed in the camp she fears she won't be able to help but as Jehan learns of her concerns he is adamant about helping her and the people she cares about. That's the exact point when Jehan and Seraphina starts to build something more than attraction between them. I'll admit it all happens so fast! Maybe too fast if it wasn't for the element of Breed animalistic nature and the whole fairy tale feel. 

This short novella can be read as a stand alone, even if you haven't read anything in this series it won't matter. It's actually a way to be introduced to the world of Midnight Breed if you are considering it. At the moment Midnight Breed is my favorite vampire PNR series and one of my absolute favorite PNR of all times.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 118 pages, 31 October 2015 / On GoodReads

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