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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If It Drives (Market Garden #7) [James & Cal] by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

While I really enjoyed the previous installments in the series, this one wasn't a favorite. I'm not even sure I would have finished it if it wasn't that short. I feel as though this one was a bit different. It was more angsty and I didn't like (or believe) the relationship buildup between Cal and James. 

Before I begin my review I should say that also unlike the previous installments I do believe it will be best to read as the last installment or all least after the 5th installment ("Capture & Surrender") since there is a specific mention of both Nick & Spencer (Market Garden #3-#4) and Frank & Brandon (Market Garden #5) and the place they are in as a formed couple. 

We've met both Cal and James briefly in Nick & Spencer's story. James was the last person Nick went with before realizing it's just wrong for him to be with anyone but Spencer. It was partly because of the way their relationship was building and also because James was difficult (and so damn different from Spencer), he struggled with every order and Nick felt as though he can't be focused as he should with him (or any other client for that matter..). When Nick is ready to leave in the morning, a resentful Cal does more than his job requirement as James's driver and drops him home.  

It was obvious there that Cal has feelings for James, some attraction at least, and he doesn't know how or if to act on them. This installment starts with James doing the first step and after a night together they are both quite confused. Since the whole novel is told from Cal's POV it's hard at times to get James's wants and needs though at a certain point they become quite clear. Cal is willing to do whatever it takes to learn how to be there for James so he won't go "destructing" over the rentboys at "Market Garden". But the question is, does he actually have it in him to give James what he needs? Apparently he does but he still needs help figuring both himself and James which is why he hires the best man for the job... 

Yet there is more to life than good or even great sex. While Cal is everything sexually that James needs there is still a huge distance between them emotionally though they have a great connection when they actually talk. I didn't like their sexual interactions. I'm not even sure why but it just didn't "work" for me. I was annoyed at most of them if not all of them. So I kept waiting for the actual connection part and was disappointed to get a highly emotional Cal who isn't even in tune with himself to realize how much he loves and needs James. He was just so damn angsty and emotional - can't read, can't write, can't sleep (surprised he didn't burst into tears into his pillow at night). It wasn't sexy to say the least and it also didn't work with the "Dom persona" he was with James. While I could get James being a certain person at work and needing something totally different in bed (or around the bed.. in the billiard room.. whatever..), I just didn't "believe" Cal's character. He was too insecure and emotional for me to accept as a person who can be in total control without it being a TOTAL act. 

So sadly I'm finishing this series at the moment with a bit of a soar taste, though I won't forget how much I LOVED (and ached) through "Capture & Surrender" just two days ago. I really hope Voinov and Witt find the time to write more in the series and I truly hope that it would be more in the lines of Frank & Brandon's story or along the lines of Tristan & Jared (yeah, it probably just means a little less BDSM.. I feel a bit tired of it at the moment..).

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 172 pages, 27 April 2015 / On GoodReads

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