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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Deliverance: Hooch and Matt's Story (Special Forces spinoff) by Marquesate & T.A. Brown

As obviously mentioned in the title - this book is a spin off to Special Forces the EPIC MM Romance by Marquesate and Aleksandr Voinov that changed everything I ever thought about romance novels (in too many ways to count). This one is written by one of the pair - Marquesate as well as T.A Brown. 

Generally speaking I don't think you NEED to read Special Forces to get this one. What you miss is mostly the forming of a sexual relationship between our MC - ex-Marine Matthew Donahue "Matt" and Delta Force Hubert Bozic "Hooch", both being "acquaintances" of Dan and later on Vadim (the two MC in Special Forces). Yet along the plot of Vadim and Dan, both Matt and Hooch appear and it's obvious that something more is going between them especially after Hooch is being captured and badly injured. 

The Prologue of this book takes us back to Hooch's capture (if memory serves me right, it's exactly the same as was portrayed in Special Forces) and from then on, there is almost no mention of Dan and Vadim even though they supposedly do meet occasionally during the course of time we read about. I think it was better this way, not enacting same scenes even if from a different POVs. This book simply stands on it's own.

This book was impossible to put down, though I did have to do that occasionally.. you know how it is when life keeps interfering with my reading.. The interaction between Hooch and and Matt was something to behold. It started out as something that Hooch did to "pass the time" (back when they met in the gulf) yet when the book concludes it's almost impossible to comprehend the change both in the man and the relationship he and Matt build together. 

When Matt and Hooch met for the first time in 1991 Matt was 21 and Hooch 31, the story comes to a close 20 years later on 2011 with Hooch 51 and Matt 41 - they have been living together for the past 13 years (round where the book starts at 1998). I can't say that their love story was as EPIC as Dan and Vadim's but I guess no couple can top those two.. :) Yet it was an amazing ride that even though was somewhat out of my comfort zone was well worth it.  

Round half of the book is about Matt and Hooch building their relationship. It's not easy, mainly because Hooch is a very difficult guy and I guess that's part of what made their relationship so interesting to watch. About half way through the book there is a very big change from a more "normal" relationship, having it's problems - to a hard core BDSM relationship. Though it's not usually my "forte" I really could understand the changes in the relationship between them, why it happened from both their sides and the progression truly made sense to me which I can't say about a lot of books with a BDSM theme to them. It was kinky, kinky as HELL! Yet even though it's not something I'm comfortable with usually, it was actually quite fascinating mostly because it all made sense and wasn't just about the kink, it was about a need that I might not get personally but could somehow understand that is exactly what a masochist like Hooch needed. 

Yep, Recommended! :) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 328 pages, 6-7 March 2015 / On GoodReads

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