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Monday, November 10, 2014

Three Broken Promises (One Week Girlfriend #3) [Jen & Colin] by Monica Murphy

Sadly, this one is a DNF at 40%. I just couldn't be bothered to keep on reading. Both MC made no sense to me, I was reading each one of their POVs and keep saying to myself "what? why? really? no.. no.." 

We met both Colin and Jen in the second installment of the series. Colin, Fable's boss was REALLY strange in the previous book, I didn't understand him AT ALL. I kept thinking he was somehow a creeper especially when we learnt he was housing Jen - a fellow waitress that works for Colin as well. But then we learn that they share a past together and here comes their story of HEA. Well, I guess they get it, where I finished reading they were being secretly stupid in love with one another but mostly just being stupid with each other or in general behaving stupidly. 

Colin was a whiny baby. In the previous book I got how insecure Drew was because of his past, but Colin? what's up with him being so, well, WEAK! he literally crumbles to the ground after Fable have a pointed "heart to heart" with him. Be a MAN! Deal! His reasons for pushing Jen away are SO stupid - he is basically afraid he would be a bad boyfriend because his father and mother didn't get along. Yeah there are something to do with promises that he broke (mainly taking care of Jen) but really being in a relationship with Jen could be the MOST of him taking care of her, right? 

Lets move on to Jen. She stripped, she gave blow / hand jobs to guys at the parking lot of the club. Colin saw her at the club dancing and then basically took her out of a car when she was a second away from giving a random guy a hand job. So stop trying to hide the truth from him, the one he wouldn't be able to handle therefore wouldn't want her. HE FREAKIN' KNOWS! She is upset that he keeps rescuing her yet keeping her at an arms length and when AT LAST she tells him she wants to be with him she does that SO weakly. Fuck it, just tell him already! You plan to leave and find your freedom anyway, right?

So yeah, I didn't like both MC and I felt they were both VERY childish and mostly over dramatic. While I love a tormented hero, Colin was just a wuss and don't get me started about Jen.. 

I'm not sure what to do with the next novella of Drew and Fable and the last one of Owen. I'm tending towards reading them even though I was highly annoyed with this one. I also saw that their rating is higher than this one.. We'll see in what kind of a mood I'm be tomorrow..

 (DNF 40%) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 304 pages, 10 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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