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Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend Quartet #1) [Drew & Fable] by Monica Murphy

What a ride!!! I LOVED this book. I guess I'm a sucker for those angsty New Adult stories where we have a crushed hero (I call it the "Z syndrome" ;)) and an amazing woman who is willing to stand by his side and help him deal with his demons and naturally there's a love story which is much more satisfying with all those small and big demons dancing around. 

Drew sort of "hires" Fable as his girlfriend for a whole week. He doesn't know a lot about her, but he thinks she will be able to help him out. She needs the money, he needs a fake girlfriend to lean on while dealing with his fucked up family. I'm not going to say what's fucked up about it - you'll get the gist of if from the first glimpse of them and also you'll get Drew's secrets from everything that's going on. I don't think I ever really encountered a book dealing with this subject. Well, maybe I HAVE but it was different somehow. 

Fable doesn't know what she has gotten herself into.. She needs the money to take care of herself and her 13 years old brother and also her drunk mother who doesn't give a shit about her two children. Being a waitress hardly pays the bills so what Drew offers for just a week is an offer she isn't willing to pass. Yeah she feels like a part of "Pretty Woman" especially feeling like a WHORE (though Drew ensures her sex ISN'T included in the deal, he isn't a jerk! he just REALLY needs backup) but the money is good and the money is needed and lets face it, she is intrigues by him and yeah, OK, also sexually attracted to him. Who wouldn't be?!

Their week together is not anything they expected. From Fable's side she is realizing how emotionally draining his parents can be, and she is overwhelmed with how protective of him she becomes. She sees how he shelters himself shutting off his emotions yet there is still vulnerability there she wants to unfold. From Drew's side he is shocked how much dependent on Fable he becomes, her voice, her touch, calms him down like nothing ever does. He feels somehow safe around her even if he can't talk to her and explain - for the obvious reasons - she is here for a week.. after that it's over.. but also because he can't utter it if he really wanted to. 

As the week closes to an end all the secrets are revealed and your heart just aches for Drew. I loved both of them - Fable for being a strong independent woman even if her choices in life aren't perfect she is who she is and she acts on what her heart tells her. Drew, oh, Drew is a TOTAL sweetheart. There are no words. 


Off reading the next one in the series... 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 185 pages, 8 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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