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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cherish (Covet, #1.5) by Tracey Gravis-Graves

This is a short novella telling us of Daniel's "whereabouts" after the ending of Covet. It'a a BEAUTIFUL story of how he and Jess (his ex-wife) get back together. 

While the ending of Covet gave us a HEA for Claire and a glimpse of Daniel and Jess we still didn't get the whole story of what happened between them after their son died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and naturally we didn't know what happened after he was shot in the line of duty. 

We start the story from Jess's POV hearing that Daniel was shot and has a head injury. Since Daniel didn't update his personal info everyone assumed she and Daniel were still married/together.. While on his bed side we learn from her what happened after Gabriel (their son) died. Basically she had a Major Depression but since Daniel didn't really know what to do and Jess wasn't cooperation their relationship deteriorated until there was nothing to fix.. it was all broken.. We already know what Daniel went through the past two years after that (from Covet) so now we get what happened to her during that time. 

Jess hasn't returned to herself even with all the help she did eventually get but she is on the right path. Sitting by Daniel's bed while he is unconscious and later on, helping him with everything she can both of them realize how much they mean to one another even as a good friend and not a lover. Most of the story is of them dealing with the effects of the head trauma (which is quite sever even though it's fixable). 

It was really sweet seeing them get close to one another again. In the beginning when Daniel wakes up and we hear his POV he isn't sure what Jess is doing by his side and he's not even sure if or when they have been in touch in the past. But as time goes by his need for her, even for the basic mental support - just knowing she is there is growing and his love for her returns or rather it never went away it was just stored somewhere, like Jess's feelings for him were. 

There's a few mentions of Claire which patch the story together. I didn't like so much the scene where Daniel tells Jess of Claire it somehow didn't feel "appropriate" at that moment. But anyhow they both were very honest with each other from the start which was refreshing.

Sweet sweet novella. HIGHLY recommended for whoever read Covet. If you haven't read Covet I think you would miss too many details mostly on who Daniel is and since it's quite short there aren't all the details that one needs to make it a whole independent story. So, I'm saying if you HAVEN'T read Covet - read it! then read this one :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 140 pages, 3 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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