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Monday, September 15, 2014

Finiding It (Losing It #3) [Kelsey Summers & Jackson Hunt] by Cora Carmack

There was a reluctant side in me when I started reading this novel. When we met Kelsey in "Losing It" I didn't like her, and nothing really changed throughout that book. So even though I WANTED to fall in love with her I was afraid that she would stay the same too care free, too shallow, always drunk and obsessed with sex as she has been. 

Truth be told, when I started this book, I was still annoyed with her, still annoyed with how childish she is, what stupid decisions she makes, the fact that she can't handle life unless she is dead drunk. I remember those years when my friends used to get drunk. I would just ignore them. They can bitch and they can throw up and I really didn't care and wasn't inclined to helping them when they did that to themselves. Since I was the designated driver all I did was say "I'm going home now, if you don't follow me, you're staying here". Never failed to work. I sound like a party pooper, I know, I was just more talented I guess, I could actually "get drunk" without sipping any alcohol (and some people didn't believe me when I said I haven't had any alcoholic drink!). So Kelsey being the stupid drunk did NOTING for me. I was quite disgusted with her... Yeah she could be funny at times but mainly I waited for her to grow up and for Hunt to become a more permanent side to the story so I could enjoy him and not just suffer her...

The story begins with Kelsey backpacking in Europe but as you realized from the paragraph above she just went to bars and clubs, drank, danced and fucked herself to pieces. Then came Hunt, this gorgeous American how "saves" her against her will, and not just once. Feeling not exactly home-sick but as this "vocation" isn't really working she wants to return to the US, but Hunt trades her one kiss (since he wouldn't give her even than and god forbid more..) for a week of an adventure with him. The Adventure also means almost no alcohol which also means we get to see that Kelsey actually HAS a character and drinking, dancing and fucking is her way of hiding her past from herself. 

I enjoyed getting to know Kelsey, enjoyed the journey she went with Hunt, loved seeing how their relationship was building up against his will. Since this book is all from Kelsey's POV we don't get a lot about Hunt and only at the very end he actually tells Kelsey about his past and what he is doing in Europe. I had a feeling I know what his deal is (you might guess it too) but I thought that it was well played. I also really enjoyed the ending and how much the Kelsey we read of in the last few chapters is NOTHING like the stupid girl we met in the beginning of the book or in "Losing It". 

This book was actually quite fun to read, I would love to just roam around Europe for a while, watching the beautiful sites around me, visiting exotic places or more domestic ones that shows the character of the place. I guess it was quite an adventure for me as well through Hunt and Kelsey. 

While this book is the third in the series I should say that since there is just two connections to Bliss in this book, and also that the timing of this one and the previous one overlap that it doesn't matter if you continue after "Losing It" with this one or with "Faking It". 

I'm giving this book 4 stars mostly for dwelling too long in the beginning with the "stupid Kelsey". I guess that we needed to get how stupid and reckless she could be, I was just tired of it.. 
My least favorite of the three, but still an enjoyable read.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 320 pages, 14-15 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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