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Faking It (Losing It #2) [Mackenzie “Max” Miller & Cade Winston] by Cora Carmack

Took me awhile to get from the first book to this one. I remembered I liked the first one but something about it, and about the following novella was putting me off this series.. I really enjoyed how easy going and a great and fun read it was, enjoyed Garrick (who can resist an British accent?!) and Bliss had so many qualities I could identify with (especially her tendency to embarrass herself..) that it's no wonder I LOVED it. Yet my problem was that both of them felt too childish for their age and I was feeling I that someone they didn't feel "right" in my head, they were children. It was like a Young Adult masking to be a New Adult. And since I can stomach those only in a low dosage I put reading the rest off. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!

First off, this book was impossible to put down. Not because it was so special and unique I was blown to pieces, no, it was for it's simplicity and in it a sweet story between the "bad girl" and the "perfect boy" that though we've read a thousand times before this one was a beautiful and tender read as well as funny as hell! Found myself Laughing Out Load - A LOT! Yet as I said there is also a tender story here for both Max and Cade that made this novel so perfect, just the right mix of all the emotions. 

Unlike the previous ones which felt on the Young Adult vibe, this one felt so right in the way both Cade and Max were portrayed. I believed them, I could "get" them and see why each of them became the person that he/she is. Cade did everything in his life just RIGHT, he's this perfect guy yet inside he feels anything but. Max on the other hand is broken on the inside so what she throws off at the world is being bad ass and bad news. While he does his MA in acting and considering being a professor one day and on his spare time volunteers with kids, she bartenders and dancers in a bar/club and when not doing that she works as a tattoo artist and sings in a band (which she hopes will be her future). 

Total opposites? You bet! Yet when Max's perfect parents arrive on a surprise visit and she can't show off her not so perfect boyfriend named Mace.. She drops on the first guy she lays her eyes off in the coffee shop she's in and asks for a favor of a lifetime - pretend to be her boyfriend. Things get tricky when Cade turns out to be too perfect for words, both for her and her parents who keeps wanting Cade around while she is tempted by him and feel bad by making him play along. Cade on the other hand is thrilled to play this part since his other option is going to a party Bliss and Garrick planned and he is so NOT into that! 

Things get complicated as they are both into one another but each can't really act on it (after all she IS taken..) but love conquers all (at least in books it does ;)) and the closure we get is simply beautiful. I loved them as a couple. I loved how they both influence each other and brings the best in one another. They might look differently but they are somehow the same. 

Two things that should be mentioned - first, unlike "Losing It" which was only from Bliss's POV this book has alternating POVs of both Max and Cade which was really great! I think I actually prefer either having an all knowing story teller or getting the story from both main characters. The second thing I almost forgot mentioning is Cade is absolutely swoon/drool worthy! We all need a Cade in our lives and we wouldn't let him go! no matter what!

Really enjoyed this book! Without even remembering exactly the first novel in the series I loved this one even better especially since they are both ADULTS. Or should I say they behave like ones. 

Highly recommended! and I'm not sure you really have to read the first book in the series to get this one since I obviously don't remember a lot out of it so it's like coming to this one anew. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 355 pages, 13 September 2014 / On GoodReads
Losing It is a Young Adult / New Adult series by Cora Carmack. The series evolve of 3 friends, each novel introduces them to their Happily Ever After. 

In the first one we meet the "gang" while they are in College studying acting (Texas) there the first couple is formed. The next one takes place in Philadelphia to where the (not so new by now) couple move with the main character of the second novel. The third one takes place in Europe where the main character is backpacking and where she meets her HEA.  

In my opinion each book can be read as a stand alone since though we met the 3 characters in the first book, on the next ones they don't play THAT a big role for you to need to know their past relationship and what you need to know is explained. Besides, the timing of the second and the third kind of overlap so it doesn't really matter which you read first.

Most of the series is written by a single POV, meaning the first ("Losing It"), the third book ("Finding It") and the finishing novella ("Seeking Her"), but the second one ("Faking It") as well as the first two novellas ("Keeping Her", "Inking Him") are written with alternating POVs of the MC. I think that in general I rather have alternating POVs to singular one enabling me to get the "whole story" and not only because of that - the second book was my favorite of the bunch. Really loved both the MC and enjoyed getting to hear both their voices throughout the book. 

I find it hard to classify this one, it's somewhere between Young Adult to New Adult. While the first one felt like a true Young Adult novel (which annoyed me a little) where the romance was sweet yet somehow childish in certain aspects and also very "fresh" since the main heroine is a somehow an insecure virgin, the second one felt more mature which I enjoyed much more. The second one also has the "coming of age" concept that we usually find in a NA book. The third one is somewhere in the middle, it has the "coming of age" vibe that feels like a NA novel, yet to get there you have to bear through quite a lot of silly and teenagery behavior before the main heroine decides to put aside the liqueur and have some mature decisions. 

This series is simply a joy to read. You spend half the time Laughing Out Load and the rest just enjoying the easy going writing and the beautiful love story. 
I should add that the novellas in between aren't a must have and in my opinion are not as good as the full novels. So, you can just stick with the 3 main ones.

1. Losing It [Bliss Edwards & Garrick Taylor] (published 15 October 2012) ★★★★½
1.5 Keeping Her [Bliss Edwards & Garrick Taylor] (published 13 August 2013) ★★★★
1.6 Inking Him [ Bliss & Garrick bonus short story ] (published 23 April 2014) ★★★★
2. Faking It [Mackenzie “Max” Miller & Cade Winston] (published 4 June 2013) ★★★★★
3. Finding It [Kelsey Summers & Jackson Hunt] (published 15 October 2013) ★★★★
3.5 Seeking Her [Kelsey Summers & Jackson Hunt] (published 28 January 2014) ★★★½

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