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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crave the Night (Midnight Breed #12 - Nathan and Jordana) by Lara Adrian

I missed this series, I really did :) It's been a while since I finished the previous 11 books (and not that long ago that I read a short novella between the previous 11 and this one). I think it's incredible that Lara "re-invented" the series after the 10th book, moving the series 20 years forward, bringing new characters (the sons and daughters as well as more characters we haven't met) but also kept the characters that we came to love in the first 10 books. I'd love to see more of some of them (ATM Sterling Chase is the main character we get to read of). It's also really interesting the global plot line for the previous book, this one, and as it seems the next couple of books concerning the Atlantians. It's really an interesting concept that actually the Vampires today marry the Breedmates that are actually half Atlantians and half human so these two races live together, breed with one another in a sort of way even if there is no love shared between the two races (and right now they seem on the brink of war). 

In the previous book, Jordana kissed Nathan on a sort of impulse, leaving the two of them, well, surprised with both their reactions. This book starts about a week later. We get to learn a bit of Jordana, her interest in art and the kind of person she is - living on the safe side. On the other hand, Nathan has been raised as a Hunter, rescued by his mother Corine and her mate Hunter (also raised as a Hunter by Dragos) at the age of 13. He might be free from Dragos for the past 20 years, but in some ways he is still there. It was heart breaking hearing what he went through (keep your patience it takes him a while to confess exactly what he went through) but he can't hold himself from being attracted to Jordana. 

"Luck" has it that the one person the Order thinks might be connected to the bombing attempt in the previous book is murdered, and not only that, the last person who saw him was Jordana when he came to visit the art exhibition Jordana is in charge off. Jordana hasn't seen him before that night but she doesn't see him the way the order does, she met a very interesting educated man, not a criminal. While the order needs to talk to her and get her confession, Nathan gets distracted for the first time in his life, he can't bring Jordana in, he doesn't want her to go through all that, he wants to protect her even if it really doesn't make any sense that a beautiful rich girl from a respected and sheltered home will ever be with a killer, a hunter like himself. Yet, she IS attracted to him and as she keeps thinking about it, she realizes he understands her better than anyone else, he sees through the fact that she is sick of living this sheltered life. 

But as their connection strengthen something else happens that shatters her heart and trust making her question not only his feeling for her but the truths she believed about her life (as the adopted breedmate of a rich business man from Vancouver). A lot of dark secrets are reveled bringing them apart before they can be together. 

I loved both Nathan and Jordana. I especially loved the change that both went through in this book, it felt a little rushed for Nathan but nevertheless it was a beautiful change (and there is a really sweet moment with him and him mother in the end that really showed how much Jordana healed him). I must say, I really enjoy when a book gives as a dual POV of the main characters, I feel it especially now when I'm re-listening to "Night Huntress" which has only Cat's POV while the two outside books of "Night Huntress World" gives as a dual POV as in this one. This book couldn't have worked better with us learning what's in their hearts and not only what they chose to revel through words, mostly because of Nathan and how hard it is for him to express himself but also Jordana that might behave in a certain way, but her whole being feels different that how she acted her whole life. 

The next one in the series is a short novella of Lazro (Tempted By Midnight) but after that one? My guess is Rune (the cage fighter) and Carys Chase (daughter of Tavia and Sterling), there's a little bit of her and Rune in this book, but mostly of her as Jordana's best friend and new roommate. I think we hear Rune say about 1-2 sentences but sadly, that's all. I can feel there's going to be a really interesting story there. 

This one was definitely a pleasure to read. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 288 pages, 6-8 August 2014 / On GoodReads

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