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Friday, July 19, 2013

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot #3) [Katie Clark & Sean Owens] by Ruthie Knox

Another amazing book by Ruthie Knox.
I'm actually quite pleased that I can't say like I said after every other book by Ruthie "This one is even better then the previous ones!" because seriously, that's just impossible! :D

This book is the story of Katie (the youngest sister) and Sean. 

What Katie needs is someone who loves her, truly loves HER, she also needs someone who is able to let her become who she wants to be (even if she's not sure what that is) and doesn't expect her to be there for others and forget about herself (like her previous marriage).

Sean isn't exactly it.. he has a crush on her, basically from high school but he's not here to stay, all he can be for her is a fling. which isn't bad! but of course they develop emotions that gets in the way of the fling idea..

Sean is a successful guy, he has money, he has a company he built from scratch with his best friend. problem is the company is VERY far away from Camelot. which was exactly how he wanted to be - far away from where he grew up so miserably. He only came to Camelot after his mother died to take care of what she left in their house and then sell it. But instead of doing that for a couple of days and return home to his commitments he got "stuck" in Camelot for months working for Caleb just so he'll have something to pass the time with. 

Sean can't stand being home. Being in Camelot and being near Katie is the two things that makes him feel miserable and incompetent but since he just can't pack-up his house and sell it, and since he loves seeing Katie everyday (even if he just can't bring himself to speak to her) he stays. 

I had my issues with Sean. on the one hand he is so sensitive and sweet, he cares for Katie, he wants Katie but it's so hard for him. on the other hand, he is bossy! which I simply didn't like. Katie is quite inexperienced with men. she only had Levi. so I guess I kinda think that being "too bossy" with her is a little "too much". Maybe it adds up to the contrast of him being insecure with his speech (in Camelot, with her) to the guy he became after he left Camelot which is a successful and good looking guy. So she can see both sides of him in one - who he was and who he is now. which is both of these things together living in one hunk of a body ;)

I loved who Katie figures out what she wants to do / be in life. earlier in life she just drifted after Levi, she didn't stop to think "hey! what about me!" but now, in her brother's business, and having her family around her she can try and figure it out. She's insecure which is so understandable. but she is getting there and Sean helps her see the value in herself which no one ever pointed out to her.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 448 pages, 14-19 JUly 2013 / On GoodReads

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