Saturday, January 8, 2022

Super Hot Wingman (The Best Men Prelude) by Sarina Bowen & Lauren Blakely

This was a great prelude to the romance between Mark and Asher. I really like this teaser idea! Getting to know a little bit about both MCs (from their own POVs) as well as the general setting was fun. 

Mark Banks isn't thrilled when his sister meets Flip and falls head over heels with him in a matter of weeks, moving in with him and now engaged to be married. 

Mark is TOO familiar with hasty decisions and their consequences and he doesn't wish those on his sister. Especially considering her previous disastrous relationships... 

He wants to be supportive as there isn't anything actually WRONG with Flip OR his SUPER HOT best friend Asher St. James. But when he finally finds the guts to put everything out there... well... I'm DYING to read THOSE consequences.

There isn't a lot more to add without spoilering so I'm leaving this at that. I LOVE Sarina's work so anything by her is a total auto-buy / auto-read for me, but as I'm not familiar with Lauren this was a great way to sample how these two write together. In two words - LOVED IT. 

If you're as excited about "The Best Man" as I am, grab this one for FREE  and get yourself ready for the release date on January 18th. Yep, only a couple of days away :)

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8 January 2022

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