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Gone But Not Forgotten (TIN, #1) [Dex & Sloane] by Charlie Cochet

This has been GREAT! I missed this series so much! I can't believe it's been TWO YEARS since I last read the last one. Funny thing is, I stared reading in the morning and as soon as Austen Payne - now the guys' handler (!) - explains their mission I stopped reading. I just couldn't. It was too much. I wasn't prepared. After launch I had a talk with myself about how ridiculous I am - went back in and finished it in one sitting. 

We are four years after the last installments. The guys have been training for a year and working the field for another three. In a way nothing changed - them working together, being the beautiful couple that they are, and yet it IS different. Firstly them not being a real part of the Destructive Delta Team (with Ash Keeler being their new leader) and having two new team members - Keane and Rowan (both Therian, like all* TIN operatives) as well as some help from Sebastian "Seb" Hobbs (who was already mixed up with TIN business before) and a little from Ash (as Sloane's best friend and someone who worked with him for years and knowns him like only Dex does).

The job Austen and Sonya Sparks (who stayed their boss with a "slight" change in title) have in mind for Dex and Sloane is not just 'dangerous', with that they can handle, it's also quite personal. There's a new villain in town - Howard Vaughan - attempting to manipulate the (new found) Melanoe virus together with the Eppione.8 vaccine in order to make "improved" humans (without them shifting into a Therian). 

If there is something Sloane had a first hand in experiencing is how if feels to be a "lab rat" for those kind of people. That has been his (and Ash's) life growing up. Visiting a secret retreat with humans with the same aspirations as Vaughan, looking to enhance themselves while showing off their "playmate" Therians will not only make both Dex and Sloane sick to their stomach it will also jeopardize Dex's cover being blown for what HE is - in a way exactly what Vaughan has in mind. 

It has been a few years now since Sloane and Dex been mated - through it Dex received a part of Sloane's Therian DNA. While they know Dex isn't strictly "human" as he used to be with his enhanced abilities (as well as apatite..) they don't really know what or even if things will continue to change in him. It's not something they think about on a daily but being so close to Vaughan - his sick plans and horrific experiment lab - makes them more than just wonder. 

I really enjoyed this book. It has enough action and quite a lot of romance between the guys, as a well establish couple who know how to work together even while undercover. It wasn't easy for them to play their parts, but they kept being themselves somehow throughout this horrible experience. It was heartbreaking but it was also heartfelt at the same time. These two together can literally accomplish anything but it doesn't mean the mission was easy or it going according to plan. I was actually a bit worried there when things DID go too well, sitting at the edge of my seat to see SOMETHING blow up in their faces. 

The book ends with a happy declaration but also a sort of worrying (and sad) note for what's going to happen next - can't wait! The next installment is already for Pre-Oder so naturally I 1-clicked it already. 

~Happy sigh~ Until the next one.. 

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17 September 2021


TIN is the spin-off series to THIRDS a Paranormal MM Romance / Urban Fantasy series by Charlie Cochet. The spin off continue the focus on Sloane Brodie-Daley a Therian Jaguar (Code name: Atlas) and Dexter "Dex" Justice Daley a Human-Therian Hybrid (Code name: Chaos), now as TIN (Therian Intelligence Network) operatives (an organization resembling the CIA concerning Therians specifically). 

While Dex and Sloane are still connected to The Destructive Delta Team, Ash Keeler (Sloane's best friend) is now its leader. The team (and a few very select others) know about the guys being TIN operatives and offer help and support when they can. 

Though TIN operatives usually don't work with a team, Dex and Sloane somehow do with Keane (Lion Therian) and Rowan (Therian though unknown which kind) with a bit of help from Sebastian "Seb" Hobbs (Tiger Therian) who has already been mixed up with TIN business. Naturally we get to see more of Sonya Sparks (Cougar Therian) who has been TIN all along, and their handler is no other than Austen Payne! (Cheetah Therian). 

Each book contains a cast members list and a glossary, but if you want MORE - about the books, characters and the world of THIRDS - look into Charlie's dedicated site THIRDS HQ.

1. Gone But Not Forgotten [Sloane & Dex] (Published 16 September 2021) ★★★★★
2. Go Down in Flames 
 [Sloane & Dex] (To Be Published 7 April  2022)

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