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Wicked Bite (Night Rebel #2) by Jeaniene Frost

A review is such a personal thing, and not only that, it depends on who you are or how you are at the moment. I've been a HUGE Paranormal fan, especially Vampires. I couldn't recommend enough the previous spin-off in the Night Huntress World - Night Prince of Vlad Dracul, and though I've felt the same reading the first installment of this spin-of of the long awaited love story between Ian and Veritas, more than a year after finishing the first book embarrassly enough I remembered almost ZERO of what happened. It was good of Jeaniene to remind us or else I would have had to abandon this book. In a way I was in the same place Ian was of not remembering the last month of his life so THAT was actually good.

Where was I going with how I started this review? To the current point in time I'm a bit over Veritas. I don't like characters or people who behave like she does. Yeah, she is one touch chick (to be mild here), she has amazing powers, and yet, her high-handedness is SO annoying. She looks down on Ian, leaves him behind to do all the hard work so she can "save" him. The trouble, the danger, the responsibility (she took over herself) and it was stupid. So stupid in fact, that 50% (!) into the book she admits that to him. I'll translate how I saw it - The first half of the book was redundant. Remembering Cat and how she was like (in the original Night Huntress series) - basically the same, and I got that, when they finally meet and have a long conversation. Don't get me wrong I love me a good strong female character, one who can wipe out demons like no one's business, but it's not fun when she looks down on EVERYONE and has such a warped perception of herself.

Let's get back to the story with a little summarize of what happened. During the Night Prince, Vlad had to make it seem like he killed Ian's maker Mencheres.  Ian, standing from the side, thought Vlad had ACTUALLY killed him. He couldn't stand that thought calling forth the demon Dagon to exchange his soul for the "life" of Mencheres. He lost his soul alright only to realize he had a VERY dumb decision considering Mencheres wasn't even dead..  The person who came to his "rescue" is Veritas. Ian has known her as a Law Guardian, and as such a non-abiding citizen, she is the last person he expects or wants to help him. Yet Veritas doesn't care, she has now a mean to get Dagon (though the bond Ian shares with him) and she is more than determined to kill him after the torture he made her go through when she was human 4500 years ago... Vengeance, as you know, is best served cold...

On their journey, in the first installment, Veritas manages to free Ian from his bound to Dagon but not like she would have liked.. Ian died.. With that his bond was severed, yet she couldn't have left it at that she made a bargain with the guardian of the river separating the living from the dead - or in other words - her father! Ian's life in exchange for her immortality. Though Veritas (or rather, Ariel), is a vampire, she is only half.. the other half, from her father side, is celestial meaning even as a vampire she couldn't be truly killed. Up until now that is.. Ian comes back lacking his memory of what happened but he can't forget "her". The woman he fell in love with. Veritas is shocked by how fast his memories are coming back and after he chased her long enough she realized she couldn't keep him away so it's better to just allow him to help her.. and fall more deeply in love with him...

On their way they stumble upon a very unexpected family member, actually for both of them (separately).  And through enough struggles on their part and very little help from their actual friends (though they DID offer) - Mencheres, Cat and Bones, Leila and Vlad (okay, he and Vlad aren't even remotely friends but he does appear which was much appreciated by me hehe). They manage the almost impossible at almost the highest price but Dagon is FINALLY dead leaving us (or rather them..) with 2 big(ger ?) treats, one Veritas has always known she would face and the other she couldn't have dreamed she would have to deal with. I'll hint by saying there is another celestial who has a say about matters on earth (and beyond).

Though I was EXTREMELY annoyed with Veritas (our sole POV except the prologue) once she came to herself and realized Ian truly cares for her she was MUCH more tolerable. She still had her moments.. But with Ian by her side as well as the sweet Simargl Silver, I feel she let loose a bit. Ian's good that way. Though she sees much more to him than anyone ever has, there is still so much to him. How he cares for the ones he loves and together with the new powers he absorbed from Dagon he is one formidable Vampire.

The next installment - Wicked All Night - is expected to be out near the end of this year. I hope it will be and I hope it's going to close the story of these two. While I LOVED the previous one, and fairly enjoyed this one I think I'm ready to say goodbye to this world. I'll miss a lot of it for sure. Night Huntress was one of my absolute favorite Urban Fantasy series, and later on the Night Prince totally took that place but I feel like I'm in a different place in time currently. Looking for something a bit different in my novels. Makes me a little sad thinking about it. I think it you're a fan of Jeaniene and of the Night Huntress World you WON'T be disappointed. You'd love this book to pieces.

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7-8 April 2020


Night Rebel is the second spin-off in the "Night Huntress" World which started with the story of Cat and Bones where we originally met both of out MCs - Ian and Veritas. Jeaniene Frost built a wonderful world full of vampires and it has been a true joy right from the start. I especially adored the first spin-off "Night Prince" of Vlad the Impaler (Just don't call him Dracula - to his face!).

Readers have been asking for Ian's book for a LONG time now so getting a trilogy is more than great.  First novel started with a BLAST! LOVED it! The second I enjoyed though I wanted to punch Veritas too many times to count. When the 3rd was finally out, honestly, I felt a bit over the series. I think my reading preferences has changed too much in the last few years and so I think it's better to say goodbye in a rather positive note. I'll add I'm not actually sure if this will be the last instalment as Jeaniene has more in store for Cat and Bones and the reviews do state the ending of the 3rd was abrupt, so maybe? It would take a lot, currently to make me revisit this world even with my undying love for Vlad.  
1. Shades of Wicked (published 30 October 2018) ★★★★★  
2. Wicked Bite (published 28 January 2020) ★★★★
3. Wicked All Night (published 23 February 2021) 

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