Thursday, April 30, 2020

House Rules by Cari Z.

Though I'm usually a BIG fan of Cari's novels this one missed the mark but that's mostly becuase it was too short and also BDSM mostly doesn't work for me. Are you into spanking? Because if the answer is yes I think you'll really enjoy this one. Thing is, there is a lot in the first part of the novella that REALLY intriged me. The life of Jon and Al seems to follow rules that are made to keep Jon healthy and safe but sadly as this was rather short what we got isn't more about the two of them but what Jon knew he'll get once Al is home - what he deserved.

Jonathan Jones is a screen writer currently missing his boyfirend Alistair Fraser who plays on the of main rules in his current screen play. It's the Oscar's night and while both he and Al are nominated, Jon would rather stay home. He isn't really himself - anxious, feeling sick, jealous - which makes him neglect some of the rules Al has written for him. Mostly he accept the rules because he knows he needs them, but now he is too spaced out to follow them and he knows the concequences.

I kinda wish this was lengthier. I would have liked to know more about the two guys, and what made Jon's current situation. I have a feeling it wasn't always this way but I'm not sure. I'm always here for the story and as this started out REALLY interesting I hoped we'll get more than we actually did, should have known there is a limit to what a ~50 pages novella can offer, right?

This short novella was originally apart of the "Rules to Live By" Anthology and is now offered as a free read through Prolific Works.

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