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Moonlighter (The Company #1) [Eric & Alex] by Sarina Bowen

Loved it! This new series by Sarina has SO MUCH promise! I can't wait for the next book! It's somewhere between your "regular" Contemporary Romance with an element of suspense. Not sure how to categorize it. Anyhow, though this book is a bit long I finished it in a day. Sat down, thought to myself, well it's a bit long so it's a good thing it's a holiday weekend so I have time.. yet somehow I kept turning the pages as I just COULD not put it down. It wasn't just the suspense, it was this sweet and HILARIOUS couple (even when they are not a couple YET). The chemistry was OFF THE ROOF as well as a sort of easy going companionship that made them PERFECT for one another.

If you've read the Brooklyn Bruisers you've met Eric Bayer and you already know he isn't in his best state. He wants to keep on playing but his knees might have a different opinion on the matter. It's not the best time for his brother to spring on him a mission to help out an old friend (whom we actually also met very briefly in a Brooklyn Bruisers book). See though Eric makes A LOT of money playing hockey, his family sees him as a "slacker". They would much prefer he join the family's business. It a sort of security firm though they do so much more than your regular bodyguards. But for this mission HE is expected to be just that while playing the over protective jealous boyfriend.

Eric remembers the summer he spent with Alexandra Engels but as it seems SHE doesn't remember him.. When he meets her on a Brooklyn Bruisers event he embarrasses himself (and her) when he approaches. Now a few months later he is less reluctant to play his brother's games.. But helping a damsel in distress, considering her situation, somehow wins out. Also it's not a hardship playing the boyfriend of this beautiful woman.. even if she hurt his ego a bit by not remembering him..

Alex is quite embarrassed by not remembering Eric but she has too much on her mind at the moment, her personal situation, her abusive ex boyfriend and a very high profile new release to her company is enough to put her on edge and it's not even the only thing on her mind. Her plate is more than full, yet it doesn't take the easy going Eric to get her to loosen up on the beautiful beach of their hotel in Hawaii. The view is breath taking - meaning Eric only in shorts - so it's getting hard NOT to get distracted and accepting his "no strings attach" for their 4 days work-vocation together.

When they come back it's "back to business" - Eric returns to his regular requirements of his team, including hard decisions considering his knees, and Alex is back to CEO mode. Even if they had each other's number it would have been unlikely for them to keep in touch. Yet when someone keeps threatening her and Eric's brother Max gets more and more paranoid he returns to his "job" as protector and has a chance to offer Alex a bit more. Question is will she chose to give them a chance?

I loved the pace of this one. There was enough of these two at leisure but also complicated suspense
that kept me at the edge of my seat! and the sexy times were simply FUN. These two are GREAT together. I truly can't wait for the next book! I SO hope it's going to be of Max (Eric's brother) and Scout (one of his top workers). One last note - though this is a sort of spin-off series to the Brooklyn Bruisers there is no need to read any of them to understand what's going on in this one. But I WILL say I HIGHLY recommend ALL of them as well!

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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9 October 2019


The Company is a Contemporary Romance series by Sarina Bowen. It focuses on a security company (with a secret name..) ran by Max Bayer and Gunner Scott (together with Max's father). 

The first installment starts with Max's brother - Eric whom we've already met in the Brooklyn Bruisers series as one of the players but aside from that there is really no connection between the series (though I HIGHLY recommend you read both). 

One day we might actually learn the secret name of the company but now, after 2 books it's still a kept secret. Though in each book we get a HEA we don't get the full suspense arc. The same "bigger" villain is still out there. I hope Sarina won't leave us hanging for long before the third installment! 


1. Moonlighter [Eric Bayer & Alexandra "Alex" Engels] (Published 22 October 2020) ★★★★★
2. Loverboy [Gunner Scott & Posy Paxton] (Published 1 December 2020) ★★★★★
3. ??? [Max Bayer???]

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