Monday, September 10, 2018

Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

BRILLIANT. This book was just on point for me for SO many reasons. I loved the way it portrayed, and even though the messaging part was a bit long it made this book and whole experience so damn realistic. I feel like these two are REAL for me now. I could see the friendship forming, how the connection strengthened throughout the time they were messaging and even though for half the book we didn't get more than that, so no "feeling" of either character, it was obvious the journey they went on their own and with each other. In the second half of they FINALLY meet and them spending time together was THE sweetest thing EVER. I loved both Ruby and Aaron and how they fit beautifully together.

Basically why write a review after this kind of summary? hehe but I will because you need to understand how prefect this book was!

Ruby Santos registered to a program in which you exchange messages (regular mail / email) with a soldier while deployed. Her bigger brother was a soldier and through him she learned how meaningful it can be for a soldier so far away to have a connection with the outside world. Her start with Aaron Tanner Hall was a bit rocky.. She was even contemplating switching to someone else.. But Aaron decides to give messaging Ruby another chance and there they start to exchange emails and later on Skype conversations about once a week.

For about 40% of the book this is what we get. The exchange with one another was so on point. It gave such a genuine feel to the way the relationship and friendship progressed. It was just us reading letter after letter, getting to know both characters in such a unique way. The letters weren't long which made the reading fast paced and in no way tedious. I loved that. I was enjoying the banter, enjoying seeing (mostly) Ruby going through changes in her life, realizing little by little how to handle her life and work situation.

After 9 months of them messaging back and forth Aaron finally gets home for leave. From this point, like with all of Mariana's books, we only get Ruby's POV. It's their chance to meet you'd guess right but it doesn't happen right away which I also found so realistic.  Ruby feels more than awkward and afraid o meet this guy she hasn't even seen in a photo, but after a long debate she decides to take a chance and meet Aaron, the man she has fallen HARD in love with.

Ruby and Aaron's time together face to face was such a wonderful read. The supper reserved shy person in real live vs. the sassy funny girl Aaron got to see in written word are the same but Ruby needs her time to open up to this gorgeous gorgeous guy she can't take her eyes off. From a stupid slip Aaron made she thinks her crush is one sided and so she battles herself with her emotions for him. Ruby grows a lot in this book, but she also makes Aaron realize he can't ask for openness and honesty when he can't deliver it himself. She doesn't give him a break because she knows she wants more from him, for them even if they stay "just friends".

She might be reserved and afraid of many things but she always put herself out there in the end. She was willing to take chances and with sweet tender Aaron by her side she was able to make those baby steps. Calling a hardened soldier sweet and tender sounds like a sort of paradox, but for Ruby that's what Aaron was. He already realized that she was IT for him, even without us "being in his head" his actions throughout the book were speaking very loudly for anyone willing to listen. He was also patient beyond words. He knew his "end game" was getting Ruby and he was making each gesture at the right time, never asking her more than she was truly willing to give. For me, he was THE perfect guy. Loving and considerate but also confident and strong.

We got a strange little epilogue. I'll admit to being a bit confused about it, but the most important this was Ruby and Aaron are still Ruron Forever!

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as all of Marian's books are.

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