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Twisted and Tied (Marshals #4) by Mary Calmes

A perfect ending to Miro and Ian's love story. I loved everything about this book. Going through the whole journey together with these two, I could see how much they work and how well suited they are for one another. I had many times wished for Ian's POV, but all in all I really can't complain. The book ended with a beautiful closure to basically everything (and naturally with a hint to another series, Mary can't have it any other way hehe).

While Miro and Ian have been first partners as US Marshals, then best friends before they became a couple, things are changing now. Recently married, they have a new issue to deal with as a couple - their jobs. They both expected to STAY partners and yet, they are different, and though they work well together, they have their own skill set which means promotions shouldn't be just about sticking together but about what they are good at and suited for. Sam Kage, their boss, have already figured it out but now it's up for them to make sense of it, and find a way to accept the changes and embrace them.

I actually LOVED Sam's ideas about Miro and Ian. Though they started out in a different job they both evolved throughout the years, and though there's this wishful thinking of staying together ALWAYS, the jobs they were offered were much better tailored to them. At first I was mad at the way Ian took Miro's promotion but as they kept on arguing I could see both sides of the equation. Naturally it's easier to understand Miro because we are in his head.. and Ian doesn't always articulate himself very well when emotions are clouding his judgment, especially where Miro is concerned.. Ian's new job also makes sense and allows him to shine and be a better version of himself. I really hope we'll get more of them in the future.. I'm not sure what exactly Mary has in mind except for more couples (just no more of Miro and Ian..) some we've already met, I'll be sure to pick 'em up and devour them as soon as the're out as I'm FINALLY nearing the end of Mary's book list.

The series and Ian and Miro's story can't be finished without a closure with Dr Hartley. The way it unfolded had me holding on to my seat, and yet guessing NOTHING until the very end. It was done beautifully and I'm not saying ANYTHING MORE not to spoiler. I LOVED IT. Also at how genuine Miro's reaction was to everything that happened before-during-after. Years and years from now if ever I don't think Miro would be able to explain their relationship. It's a true clasterfuck .

I was surprised when even though all was said and done we got a real emergency concerning Miro's close friends. I won't say what it was about though I will say the writing was on the wall. I can't say I always got the whole interaction between the 5 close friends and half the time I couldn't remember who was who, what they do or where they live. But what IS important is they ARE a family who works wonderfully together especially when one is in need. Miro might have started his life orphaned, and unwanted but now in his 30s he is finally at the best place he could be, surrounded by his close friends, from his college as well as the Marshals' office, he has a loving husband and a job he can't wait to get up in the morning to do.

Wish we got more adventure of the two, but in a way I'm also happy we won't because these two deserve a quiet HEA.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. But you need to start at the beginning...

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29-31 August 2018

Marshals in a Romantic Suspense (MM) series by Mary Calmes. The series contains 3 full length novels and one novella, all focusing around Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones and his partner and former Green Beret Ian Doyle. They've gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends but now it's time for the next step...

The beautiful story of Miro and Ian takes a full 4 novels but as Mary promised, we'll get more characters from the books hitched together just no more of our MC (To be published 2020)

If you're read and miss Jory and Sam from "A Matter of Time" you'll be glad to discover Sam Kage to be Miro and Ian's boss with the slightest appearances of the rest of the family. There are a bit more of cross-overs from other books and series (like "The Vault") as Mary loves doing.

I LOVED this series. Loved the way their relationship progressed throughout the books. Their dynamics, including the dominance part which I really enjoyed went both ways. Miro and Ian are perfect for one another but two stubborn guys like these two stuck together can't be easy especially with everything they have to deal with in their daily life (like Miro being chased by a serial killer who is half in love with him and / or calling him his true friend and half plotting to torture and kill him. Complicated! Yet Mary did such a wonderful job with these two. Making them go through fiery loops only to give us the best possible closure.

1. All kinds of Tied Down (Published 3 July 2014) ★★★★½
2. Fit To Be Tied (Published 18 September 2015) ★★½
3. Tied Up in Knots (Published 16 September 2016) ★★★★
3.5. Together Tied (Published 14 February 2018) ★★★
4. Twisted & Tied (Published 13 March 2018) ★★
5. Eli’s ??? Callahan (To Be Published 2020)
6. Redeker & ???  (To Be Published 2020)

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