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Tied Up in Knots (Marshals #3) by Mary Calmes

For me this one wasn't an easy read.. I think I had a hard time getting ONLY Miro's POV when their relationship difficulties started to rise. I could see how much it all cost Miro and I was thinking - Is Ian worth it? Which was basically what Miro was thinking but it took him long enough to say it to himself and out loud. Choosing Ian not only as a partner but as a lover when he is more away than present makes it difficult especially when he has so many things to deal with - like the PTSD from the torture he went through in the previous book.

In a way everything is at it was before, they are still partners, still best friends, working together and now living together, but Miro is struggling to make his life his own when he feels like he is living from (Ian's) one deployment to the next. Missing Ian like crazy and needing him to actually be able to sleep a whole night. Ian doesn't want to give up being a Special Forces but in a way we start to see his resolve crumbling when he realizes how much it costs not only Miro but himself.

Though there's a lot going on with Miro with another very hard to read episode of Dr. Hartley (would you believe even HE has is limits to who he won't harm?), Ian also have his own issues from his old military unit as well as a new treat to his life (and their). It's time for Miro to learn a bit more about his partner and lover though nothing can surprise him. He knows what he needs about who Ian IS, so even if Ian feels ashamed of some of the stuff, he has nothing to worry about from Miro.

This book (as was the other ones) is FILLED with so many side characters I'm at times thrown off the loop, especially since some of them are from other books and series by Mary and though I've read most of her books, I can't say I remember all of them, especially when it's just a name dropped without a real reference to who that person is or anything special about him. After all I'm reading A LOT and so there are sure to be similar names from different authors and I'm not that good with names as it is..

This book was MAJOR for Miro and Ian, but it's exactly what made me like it less because what I was seeing Miro deal with and the little Ian was there made me want to punch Ian in the face and not care about the consequences! But I think he needed to be punched in the face by LIFE and see how much his decisions impact his current life and what he wants for his future. Though it was SO hard to read of another episode from Dr Hartley, I think the effect it had on both of them was extremely important. They both got to the last they are willing to accept and knew changes needed to be made.

There's A LOT going on in this one and I gulped it in NO TIME, but I'll leave my review as it is, better to get the whole story for yourselves don't you think? ;) I enjoyed it, and can't wait to see how things keeps on progressing for the two.

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27-28 August 2018

Marshals in a Romantic Suspense (MM) series by Mary Calmes. The series contains 3 full length novels and one novella, all focusing around Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones and his partner and former Green Beret Ian Doyle. They've gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends but now it's time for the next step...

The beautiful story of Miro and Ian takes a full 4 novels but as Mary promised, we'll get more characters from the books hitched together just no more of our MC (To be published 2020)

If you're read and miss Jory and Sam from "A Matter of Time" you'll be glad to discover Sam Kage to be Miro and Ian's boss with the slightest appearances of the rest of the family. There are a bit more of cross-overs from other books and series (like "The Vault") as Mary loves doing.

I LOVED this series. Loved the way their relationship progressed throughout the books. Their dynamics, including the dominance part which I really enjoyed went both ways. Miro and Ian are perfect for one another but two stubborn guys like these two stuck together can't be easy especially with everything they have to deal with in their daily life (like Miro being chased by a serial killer who is half in love with him and / or calling him his true friend and half plotting to torture and kill him. Complicated! Yet Mary did such a wonderful job with these two. Making them go through fiery loops only to give us the best possible closure.

1. All kinds of Tied Down (Published 3 July 2014) ★★★★½
2. Fit To Be Tied (Published 18 September 2015) ★★½
3. Tied Up in Knots (Published 16 September 2016) ★★★★
3.5. Together Tied (Published 14 February 2018) ★★★
4. Twisted & Tied (Published 13 March 2018) ★★
5. Eli’s ??? Callahan (To Be Published 2020)
6. Redeker & ???  (To Be Published 2020)

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