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Monday, October 16, 2017

Bolt-hole by Amy Lane

I've very little to say about this book because I haven't read most of it. I'll start  by saying something important - It's not the book, it's me. I just couldn't connect to the MC (and our sole POV) Terrell. His mind constantly tells him he is poor from the worst side of the side, with the worst background, not to mention he is black and also - gay. Though he won't allow himself to actually BE gay because that's more than not "allowed" where he comes from. I feel for him, truly. That's horrible to be "dismissed" or looked down upon because of things you have no control over and really shouldn't be put against you because they shouldn't even be an issue nowadays. But sadly - they are. That's not just the book, it's reality (even if things ARE changing). 

Terrell Washington is DRIVEN to change his life, he just finished his BA in Journalism and he wants to get out of his background and build a life for himself he can be proud of and is as different as he can from the life he had growing up. Though he currently works in a bar, it's not where he wants to be, he has big dreams. He also has a crush he wouldn't even admit to - to his good friend Colby Meyers who also works at the bar. Colby is out and proud and he has no problem putting a move on Terrell once he is sure he is gay (I liked his reasoning ;)). Colby seems like a great guy really and he SEES Terrell for who he is - the beautiful guy he sees everyday. I WISH we got Colby's POV, I think it would have made this book a great read for me. 

Thing is, since we got only Terrell I got tired listening to his brain and the way he looks down on himself, the way he explains everything being about how poor, black and gay he is. There is little inside of Terrell's brain EXCEPT these things. I wanted to hear MORE about who he is not what he's trying to escape. It was just so redundant really and it could have been SO MUCH MORE. I stopped when I realized that no, we won't get Colby's POV and no, Terrell mindset doesn't change because that's who he is and though I understand that and feel bad for him, I also don't think I can keep on reading when THIS is the main focus of his thoughts. So sorry. I'm 19% in, which isn't much but it's already as far as I'm willing to take this one. Please don't be discouraged by my words only. This book has many great reviews - make a better decision by checking out thoughts from others as well. I'm usually a HUGE fan of Amy's books I've read SO MANY of them but this one was a miss for me :(


DNF 19%
Read on:
15 October 2017

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